Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Women! Stand up, speak up, and follow what you feel called to do

Here is a short video I posted on Facebook today that went a bit viral and was shared many times, I think because many women relate to feeling called to do something. 


Women! Stand up, speak up, and follow what you feel called to do. 

Your Influence in the last days is unprecedented.

And when God says your mission is to focus exclusively on your family, then do it, even if it's hard and feels monotonous or the world mocks your choice. When I was about to give birth to my second baby my heart was set on getting a master's degree at BYU while my husband did law school there. It seemed like a great plan to me. But when I prayed about it the Lord told me no. I was devastated at the time, but I have looked back and seen tremendous layers of wisdom in that decision. You will never regret giving attention to your family. Whatever God calls you to do in this stage of your life, do it, and you're influence will be magnified!

Click here to see President Nelson's talk I refer to in the video, called "A Plea to My Sisters." 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Come Join my Organizing Class!

Come join my organizing class that starts this week! 

You're also welcome to sign up after class has started and you'll get the recordings. 

Click here for details and to register. 

Come learn how to create:

  • mindset of order
  • morning of order
  • habits and routines of order
  • home of order
  • time of order
  • family of order
  • housework of order
  • emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, and health aspects of chaos or order
  • paper system of order
  • task system of order! 

Click here for details and to register. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Check out my article on Tribalry: "The Impossible Mission"

Check out my article:

The Impossible Mission

Click below to see 
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In addition to reading my article, you can:
  • Read articles from other homeschooling thought leaders 
  • Add your voice to the current conversations
  • Read and add your own stories
  • See a state wide calendar of homeschooling events 
  • Win auction items that will support and bless your family at no cost to you.  
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When you join the Homeschool Tribe on Facebook or Instagram you'll also see me on the uplifting memes you'll receive for your homeschooling journey!  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Do you have habits that upgrade your positivity?

As a mom, can you relate with why I would get on Amazon, order extra ear buds, and label them with my name and the place they belong? 

I have teenagers. Need I say more? 

I've never owned five sets of earbuds before. Does that mean I'm obsessed??

Believe it or not, these earbuds of mine are an important part of my morning and evening routine. That's why I have five of them. 

I use them for things like listening to declarations and a story of how I'm creating my life to be, and to upbeat music. I listen to trainings and give coach calls. Sometimes I listen to my scriptures or a conference talk while getting ready. I even listen to a meditation CD while I fall asleep, and I sleep so deeply I don't care that I slept with a pair of earbuds hanging out on my pillow all night. 

Do you have habits you do each morning and evening to upgrade the positivity of your mindset, emotions, and mood? 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fun pics from my recent course on creating order

I recently finished teaching a five-week course called Overwhelmed to Organized: Don't Let Clutter Bury Your Dreams! 

My dear friend Kayleen Feil took some great pics of the class and I wanted to share them here. We had a blast creating order in many areas of our lives! I'm excited to teach this again on September 15! 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Garden Yummo for Dinner. Un-shish-kebabs

Here is my favorite garden-time meal.

You could certainly grill these on a kebab skewer, but I like the convenience of cooking them in the oven any time of year. Amounts are estimates and you can adjust amounts. 


4 carrots
4 potatoes
2 zucchinis
2 yellow summer squash 
1 large sweet onion
other veggies you can add: cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, eggplant, bell pepper
oil (I prefer avocado oil, melted coconut oil, or melted butter)
generous spices to taste: salt*, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning 

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Cut the carrots and potatoes into cubes or thick slices. Parboil them for about five minutes to slightly soften, and drain. In the mean time, cut the remaining veggies into cubes or thick slices. In a large mixing bowl combine all veggies with oil and spices. Mix well. 

Spread veggie mixture on a cookie sheet or two, and cook for about 30 minutes or until tender. To brown the edges, raise the oven shelf to a few inches under burner and turn up the oven to broil for a few minutes, watching carefully so they don't burn. 

*I recommend Redmond Real Salt. 
We decided to add some cooked chicken to this time, which is added in the picture. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Wow! My blog reached over half a million views today! Here's a printable to celebrate.

Thank you, dear friends, for sharing this blog journey with me. Soon my blog will be turned into a website. It will keep the same name, and have a ".com" behind it. 

To celebrate reaching half a million pageviews, I have created a printable document of one of my favorite topics. Click here for a printable of the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of hearing the voice of the Lord. 

And click here for a 30-day challenge about this. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

30-Day Challenge of Hearing the Lord's Voice

Check out this awesome challenge given by Wendy Watson Nelson, wife of President Russell M. Nelson.

I gave this challenge to my Relief Society today at church. Who wants to join me? 

Click here for a printable version of this handout bookmark with four on a page. 

Click here to see Sister Nelson's whole talk and my thoughts about.  

Here is my twist on doing the 30-day challenge: 

In my journal, I write down a question each morning. I call this "Q&A with God." Writing is awesome for a lot of reasons. 

  • Some days I have a specific question. 
  • Some days I ask what question God wants me to ask. 
  • Other days I ask what Heavenly Father would have me do to move forward in three main areas: my spirituality, my family, and moving forward in my trainings or business.  The picture below shows a Q&A with God about moving forward in those three areas. I like writing a little checkbox in the left margin to give me a place to check things off once I do them. 
I have found that with practice, I have become better at discerning answers and often the answers come while I'm still on my knees during my morning prayer, so I write them down then. Other times I find answers during my scripture study. Other times answers come from other sources -- a church talk, a BYU devotional I happen to hear, a prompting that came later in the day, or a comment from a friend. Sometimes I ask the same question day after day until tiny pieces of the puzzle start to come together and form an answer over time. 

There is no right or wrong way to do this 30 day challenge. 

The point is to ask, study, listen for the Spirit's answers, and follow those answers. That's the simple beauty of it. 

To learn more Click here for a printable of the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of hearing the voice of the Lord. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

When you're generous with God, He is generous with you.

Here is a meme I made for my class tonight on creating order in our time. 

I 100% agree with this quote. This is from one of my favorite talks by President Russell M. Nelson. Click here to read the whole talk. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

One of my favorite quotes ever from one of my favorite people ever

I invite you to read this quote and really let it soak into your soul. 

If you'd like to read Elder Holland's whole talk click here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

There is still time to sign up for my class starting this Thursday! "Overwhelmed to Organized: Don't Let Clutter Bury Your Dreams!"

Wahoo! So far we have 97 awesome women joining me for my course! 

I'm hoping for even more, because I KNOW this class is inspired by God and I'm super excited to share these tools and principles with you...they are life changing. 

There are THREE ways to take the class! Online, in person in Layton, Utah, or watch the recordings afterward. I've got you covered!

It's not too late to share the course with friends to receive fun thank you gifts!

  1. If you share with 10+ friends you receive a free recording by me (mailed to you within the next 30 days after it's edited).
  2. For every friend you refer who signs up, you get a $10 bonus through PayPal next week!
  3. The person who refers the most friends who signs up gets THREE HOURS of one-on-one time with me! You can choose what we do!

  • We could go through your home for an organizing consultation.
  • We could do a mentoring session to help you gain clarity on your goals and remove blocks.
  • We could go out to a girlfriend's lunch on me! Whatever you choose!
  • Guess what? Right now there is a three-way tie, so we'll see who wins...

Here is the easy link to share with others:

Here is a video explaining all that in less than five minutes. :) https://www.facebook.com/becky.m.edwards.9/videos/...

I'm thrilled that there are already 27 people signed up who were referred by friends! I hope that number grows even more! This is my way of saying thank you! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Becky's "Overwhelmed to Organized" 5-Week Course starts July 7!

Click on the video above to watch. 

Do you feel like you're drowning in clutter, chaos, and overwhelm? Believe me, I've felt that way. 

Let a professional organizer and mentor throw you a lifeline, helping you create order, peace, and purpose. 

Don't miss the BONUS offers at the end for sharing this course with your friends! You could attend the course for FREE!

Come learn how to create:

  • mindset of order
  • morning of order
  • habits and routines of order
  • home of order
  • time of order
  • family of order
  • housework of order
  • emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, and health aspects of chaos or order
  • paper system of order
  • task system of order! 

"Overwhelmed to Organized:

Don’t Let Clutter Bury Your Dreams!" 

5 Week Course 

Thursdays, July 7 to August 4 

7:00-9:00 PM 

BOTH in person AND online live!

(In-person location is Davis Campus - Weber State University)
  • Each class will be recorded and emailed so you won’t miss a moment if you leave town!
  • You'll also receive free audio recordings of each class, for easy listening on the go.
  • PLUS a private Facebook group to share successes and encouragement! 

Check out these Five Weeks of Life-changing Tools, Solutions, and Inspiration!

Week One:  Creating a Mindset and Morning of Order

  • Powerful morning, daytime, and evening routines to help you accomplish what matters most
  • The power of the little bit
  • How to hit the ground running each morning with a power-up routine (based on the life-changing Miracle Morning book by Hal Elrod)
  • Create vision and direction for your life, with small and simple habits to match that create great results 
  • God cares about order, how to call on His power to help you create it
  • If you are wired for a certain level of chaos or order, discover how to rewire your brain!
  • Are you a mom with a sense of mission, like you’re born to do certain things, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t let clutter bury your dreams!
  • How to transform from a die-hard night owl into an empowered morning person

Week Two: Creating a Home of Order

  • A simple system and principles to de-clutter and organize any area of your home – and motivation to do it
  • Ideas for cupboards, drawers, closets, storage rooms, as well furniture that doubles as storage space
  • Free and cheap ideas for organizing containers
  • The hidden costs of clutter
  • Emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, and health aspects of chaos or order
  • How certain items can trigger certain emotions – and what you can do about it
  • Liberation from laundry – a game-changing system I’ve taught to hundreds of moms
  • How clutter or order in your space creates clutter or order in your mind, and vice versa
  • 20 ways to make more room for storage in small homes How to fall in love with your space again, or for the very first time

Week Three: Creating Time of Order

  • Solutions for helping a distractible person think more clearly, be more focused, and remember tasks and appointments better
  • How to boost your energy during an organizing project to help you finish and see the results!
  • When to use multi-tasking to your benefit, and when not to
  • Making friends with time
  • Simple techniques that replace stress and contention with peace and the Spirit
  • Protecting time for your zone of productivity, and the things in life that matter most to you
  • Prioritizing time and space for Mom to recharge your own batteries
  • Solutions for arriving 5 minutes early rather than 5 minutes late
  • Identifying your time zappers and what to do about them
  • Aligning your deepest priorities with how you spend your time and energy
  • Mastering time and technology, how to navigate the addictive nature of social media

Week Four:  Creating a Family of Order

  • Simple systems for getting children involved with routines, daily chores, cooking dinner, and putting away their own stuff
  • Ways to motivate your children do their chores, and make it easy for even small children to do self-sufficient tasks
  • Solutions for mothers of young children carving out time to get organized
  • List of chores for "money jobs"
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Ways for mothers to see their infinite value and role, savoring the present 


Week Five:  Creating a Paper and Task System of Order

  • A streamlined system for planning, to-do’s, calendar, papers and files – you will LOVE how this simplifies your brain!
  • How to cut down the amount of papers landing on your desk or emails in your inbox to begin with
  • Want a fresh start with an email inbox of thousands? Here’s how.
  • Launching your new orderly life in a great direction

NOTE: I teach with an openness about my faith in God, and that He can help us with all aspects our lives, including creating order. If that resonates true for you, wonderful! If you’re not so sure, feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.

5 Weeks of Life-changing Tools, Solutions, and Inspiration!

Value $297

Your Price $147

Early Bird SPECIAL ONLY $97 through Tuesday, June 28

BONUS! For even deeper discounts see below!


Because you know people I don’t know, I’d love to say "thank you" by gifting you a BONUS when you share this course with your friends!

Take advantage of any or all of the three bonuses below. 

  1. For each person you refer who signs up for the course, I will BONUS you $10 through Paypal after the course starts!  (Remind friends to put your name in the “referred by” box.) For example: Refer 5 who sign up, get a bonus $50! Refer 10 who sign up, get a bonus $100! Refer 20 who sign up, get a bonus $200!
  2. The person who refers the most people who register for the course receives a FREE three-hour one-on-one session with Becky! You can choose mentoring, emotional release, organizing consultation, or just a girlfriends’ lunch together!  PLUS three of Becky’s audio recordings! (Remind friends to put your name in the "referred by" box.)
  3. Share and receive a FREE GIFT!

If you're ready for more peace, order, and purpose in your life, this is the course for you! Sign up today ... and share with your friends for BONUSES!

About Becky

Becky’s mission is to inspire, empower, and free people to become and do what God sent them here to become and do. She helps people create order in their lives so they can live their higher purpose.

  • Professional organizer for 23 years
  • Mentor/life coach
  • Currently a coach for Kirk Duncan’s Elite Mentoring program
  • Speaker for 19 years, spoke at BYU Women’s Conference
  • Emotional release and energy worker 20 years
  • Owner of Purpose Driven Motherhood blog
  • Taught LDS seminary and institute
  • Taught “Wanna Get Organized” classes 6 years
  • Has overcome depression, memory issues, focus and attention issues
  • Skilled in gluten-free and dairy-free eating
  • Created a system of 25 tools for scripture feasting, and 15 tools for power praying
  • Happy, successful marriage for 25 years
  • Has overcome an eating disorder and body image issues
  • Mother of five, grandmother of two, homeschooler, missionary mom
  • Healthy and fit, has mentored people in simple systems for eating healthy
  • Helped people through unanswered gospel questions and faith crises
  • Board member and social media expert for Moms’ Retreat
  • Created 90-Day Book of Mormon Challenge with Facebook group for more than 1,500 people


As a busy mother of five, I found Becky’s ideas on organizing to be a HUGE help in my life.  After attending a class she taught on organization, I was inspired to make changes in my own home. Her ideas were simple, and yet had a profound effect on the way my home functions. The things I learned years ago, in her class, I still use to this day!  The organizing strategies I learned from Becky allow me to be able to have more time to be with the people I love most - my family! If you have the privilege to learn from this awesome lady, be sure to soak it all in and take plenty of notes!  Her ideas are wonderful and will be a blessing in your life!   
            -- Lisa, Syracuse, Utah

Becky Edwards inspires me to create order and organization in my home. I am learning just how much having a clean, orderly home affects my energy and Becky provides powerful advice on how to create that order. Deep down, we are all beings of order and our spirits thrive when our home environment is orderly. I am so grateful for Becky and her willingness to share her experience helping me to do this in my own life.
                -- Lindsay Spear, Taylorsville, Utah  

I’ve been using Becky’s tools for organizing life around nine busy children for nearly 15 years. Not a day goes by that my family isn’t influenced for good by her smart systems and tools. It’s a comprehensive “organize your life” system that has helped me master the family calendar, track all the to do’s, have personal dreaming and planning time, conquer the clutter, (so huge!) manage laundry, menus, pantry cooking, budgeting, fridge organizing, and so much more! Her home office system is brilliant and keeps our counters clear and clean. And for that alone I am so grateful! Whether you manage a large family or live alone, Becky’s unique systems are simple, flexible, and most importantly, effective. She is a proprietor of hope to the homemaker overwhelmed by any facet of running a home or family. I wholeheartedly recommend her course.
             -- Jonell Francis, Bend, Oregon

Becky has helped me understand the importance of recognizing order and seeing things as they really are so that they can be addressed and managed in appropriate ways. Becky is a person who understands order from her years-long profession and her personal life. She conducts herself as one who honors order in all areas and seeks to uphold it. Becky Edwards is the real deal, and anyone who chooses to learn from her will find themselves lifted to a higher plane of thinking and living. I look forward to many more opportunities to learn from her as I learn to master the creation and restoration of order in my own life. 
              -- Amy Woody, Mentor, Salt Lake City, Utah

Becky’s example, skills and influence have taught me to purge my life of old habits, false beliefs and clutter – both spiritual and temporal.  I have learned that by getting rid of dark emotions it inadvertently causes a purge of temporal possessions and unhealthy relationship patterns. Becky has mentored me in the organization of my home.  Our family has been able to implement daily systems that have created productivity, order, efficiency and self-reliance.  Doing the laundry used to take over my life.  But now I turn to it as a source to create peace and order.
                -- Lindsey Reese, Clinton, Utah

Having known Becky Edwards for 20 years, I have to say that her enthusiasm to create order in her life and help friends and family to do the same is contagious! I took my first class from her when we were young mothers and she taught me how to organize my kitchen using simple and inexpensive means to make logical systems in the fridge/freezer and cabinets.  She also taught me many things I use today to plan meals.  The basic pantry item idea has saved me lots of money and time and helps ease the process of cooking dinner.   Becky has truly inspired me and many other women to make "systems" in their lives that simplify all the duties a busy mother has to engage in every day like cooking, cleaning, nurturing others, and self-educating. Whatever Becky teaches, she is able to distill the teachings down to the basic principles and help anyone who wants to improve their lives to take baby steps to reach their goals.  I highly recommend drawing from her fountain of wisdom!
            -- Shauna Kaiserman, Taylorsville, Utah

I love learning from Becky. She has a very magnetizing energy that makes me want to know and understand what she knows and understands.  She has a self-assurance that allows her to get outside of herself and focus on others. Her genuine interest in people makes others feel important.  I have been impressed with and benefited from her insight in articles I have read on her blog.  I love the idea of living a purpose driven life and can see clearly that she lives with purpose. She walks the walk. Her blog covers so many relevant topics with real, practical advice from spiritual thoughts to practical organizing and preparedness tips and more.  I love that she is so open and willing to share her discoveries with others.
             -- Jodi Floyd, South Weber, Utah

Besides being one of my favorite presenters, Becky Edwards is one of my dearest friends.  She makes me want to be a better person when I am around her.  I have heard her present about parenting, marriage topics, preparedness and I have visited her blog and read many great talks she has given.  I feel that what she has taught me has brought a great peace to my life and helped me set my priorities in order.  She has also taught me organizing strategies for my home that have helped bless my life.  I frequent her blog and always feel inspired by what I read there.  I love Becky, she is one of my most cherished mentors.  She is an inspiration to me and I cannot put in words all the ways she has blessed my life and the lives of my family.
                -- Emily Jacobsen, Herriman, Utah

I have known and loved Becky for many years!  I ordered a copy of her Meal Time Time Savers when I had lots of little kids at home.  I was super impressed with what she taught.  I went to an organization class she taught a year or so later and began to implement her ideas into our family's cleaning routine.  Her ideas worked great in our home!  (See the picture of my laundry room that is still the most organized place in my home!)
                -- Tara Kinser, Clinton, Utah

Becky really helped me through a difficult time in my life. It was a time where I was feeling a lot like too little jam being spread across too much toast. The overwhelming to-do lists and fear of letting those I cared about down just about did me in. Thankfully Becky worked with me through that time and helped me make order of the chaos and feel hopeful in the process. I think what I appreciate most was the hope and encouragement she helped me feel as I began to make sense of my life. I still tell people about this experience often because it was such a pivotal point in my life. Thanks Becky!
                -- Stephanie Larsen, Layton, Utah

Becky has been amazing at helping bring clarity to some things I was clouded on. Fear set in on one particular issue, and because of the fear, my mind became a bit too chaotic. I'm so grateful for her ability to see things from an outside perspective and bring not only understanding to the table but also simplicity, which opens the door for creating order, which my mind really needed. She has a light & warm spirit that automatically opens up the way for hope & clarity. She is a warrior with determination balanced perfectly with a breath of fresh air energy that feels very safe and empowering!
                  -- Jennifer Dayley, Twin Falls, Idaho

My family and I lacked order in so many ways and it was showing in our money issues. I then meet Becky Edwards. This amazing woman was able to help me figure out the missing piece and within a matter of weeks… I learned where my cycle began and how it was a missing the proper order and system of money. I have seen miracles in the weeks since! Just by applying the simple steps of order to my money system I have been able to see a huge flow of money to my life and am able to manage the way it flows into my life and out of my life with ease and peace. Becky was able to show me how simple it is and where I need to begin. I am so grateful for her and her intuition of what she shared with me. Becky knows how to help you and how to create order in her life and everyone around her. Listening and following through with the mentoring and inspiration given to me by Becky was more than worth it. I LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL LADY!
                 -- Kamie Mysliwiec, Evanston, Wyoming

Click here for more testimonials.