Monday, August 19, 2019

Resources for LDS Parents of LGBTQ Children

“We need to listen to and understand what our LGBT brothers and sisters are feeling and experiencing. Certainly we must do better than we have done in the past so that all members feel they have a spiritual home where their brothers and sisters love them and where they have a place to worship and serve the Lord." 
(M. Russell Ballard, BYU Devotional, Nov. 14, 2017) 

2. Richard Ostler

Richard is a former young single adult bishop who opened his heart to his LGBTQ YSA ward members and his podcast shares many stories of those walking the road of being LDS and LGBTQ.

3. North Star

North Star is a wonderful organization for LDS LGBTQ people and their loved ones that seeks to support people in following the teachings of the LDS church. They have firesides, a spring conference, a Youtube channel, and website. I have loved attending a few of their events. The Spirit and love and compassion there have been tremendous. 

4. Tom Christofferson
Tom Christofferson is the brother of the apostle Elder D. Todd Christofferson. His book, That We May Be One is about his journey of leaving the church for quite a while and eventually coming back, but how his family was incredibly supportive and loving at every stage he was in. I’ve listened to the audio book twice on the Deseret Bookshelf Plus app. 

5. Facebook Groups for LDS Parents of LGBTQ Children

Other resources for LDS LGBTQ people and their loved ones

  • Affirmation is an organization for LDS LGBTQ people, and my understanding is that it's a good fit for people wherever they are on their faith journey, whether active, stepped away from the church, or in between. Affirmation has a website, a Youtube channel, has a conference in the Provo, Utah area each summer. 
  • Encircle is a brick-and-mortar resource for LGBTQ youth and families in Provo, Salt Lake City, and St. George.  
  • BYU has an LGBTQ outreach program. The program director, Blake Fisher, a gay Latter-day-Saint, gave an excellent presentation at BYU Women's Conference in May 2019 about how to be more inclusive.
  • There are FHE groups and Sunday School groups that are open to people in the LGBTQ community who are in a variety of places with their faith. I know of groups like this in the Utah areas of SLC and Logan, as well as Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas. I assume there are others I’m not aware of. If there isn’t one in your area, you could start one!

Art is Jesus Said Love Everyone by J. Kirk Richards

(Besides the articles included above)

Resources for Faith Crisis or Struggles

Saturday, August 3, 2019

My Slides from BYU-Idaho Education Week 2019 Classes

I spoke at BYU-Idaho Education Week on August 1-3, 2019. 

Some people requested that I share my slides and handouts. 

Click here for the slides and handouts! 

Eight classes of slides and two printable handouts: 

  1. Personal Revelation slides (three classes in one PowerPoint)
  2. Accomplishing the Impossible slides (three classes in one PowerPoint) 
  3. Scripture Heroes slides (Youth class) 
  4. Scripture Power slides (Youth Class) 
  5. Handout about Heaven Journaling 
  6. Handout about Scripture Heroes 

Some of you asked where to find my books. Here they are. 

Click here for Heaven Journaling Journal 

They are currently 33% off when you purchase two or more books with code THIRDOFF and free shipping on any size order!  

They are currently 33% off when you purchase two or more books with code THIRDOFF and free shipping on any size order!  

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Relationships on Purpose One-day Event

Did you know the quality of your relationships can impact other areas of your life? 

Like your confidence, ability to receive inspiration, health and energy, order or chaos, even your money situation?

Join me and Mike at the Relationships on Purpose one-day event!

- Saturday, August 17 in Clearfield, Utah (or join online).
- TWO-FOR-ONE SPECIAL good through July 11!
- It will be a fun, interactive day practicing user-friendly mentoring tools to clean up past baggage and build a better life and relationships, combined with Latter-day Saint faith-based principles to make the experience even better!
- We'll help you improve your relationships with: 
  • Other people 
  • YOU (very important and often neglected)
  • God
  • Your body and food. Let's quiet down those mind bullies making you and your body never feel good enough.

And your relationships don't have to be broken to get even BETTER.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

10 Quotes about the Adversary from our Prophet's Recent Conference Talk

Wow... I had already noticed how many times the adversary was mentioned in last week's general conference, but I was astounded how many times our prophet mentioned this in his priesthood session talk called, "We Can Do Better and Be Better."

So astounded that I opened a notebook to start counting.

Here are ten quotes that stood out to me about the enemy's tactics and how to win this war.

How can we win a war without understanding the enemy's tactics?

Quotes from President Nelson:

1. We need to do better and be better because we are in a battle. The battle with sin is real.

2. The adversary is quadrupling his efforts to disrupt testimonies and impede the work of the Lord. (I added the emphasis here...Did anyone else notice that word?)

3. He is arming his minions with potent weapons to keep us from partaking of the joy and love of the Lord.

4. Repentance is the key to avoiding misery inflicted by traps of the adversary.

5. Many, if not most, of the temptations he puts in our path cause us to abuse our bodies or the bodies of others. Because Satan is miserable without a body, he wants us to be miserable because of ours.

6. The forces of evil have never raged more forcefully than they do today.

7. As servants of the Lord, we cannot be asleep while this battle rages.

8. After millennia of practicing his cunning arts, the adversary is experienced and incorrigible.

9. Gratefully, the priesthood we hold is far stronger than are the wiles of the adversary.

10. Make your focus on daily repentance so integral to your life that you can exercise the priesthood with greater power than ever before. This is the only way you will keep yourself and your family spiritually safe in the challenging days ahead.

Here are five of Satan's tactics from one powerful story. And how to cast him out.

Here are some of my thoughts about the Book of Mormon war chapters and how they parallel the war we are in today.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Please watch: "I am a Latter-day Saint, I am LGBTQ, and This is What I Know"

Please watch and feel the Spirit of this video showing the faith of these amazing LGTBQ members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

I have gotten to know some of the people in this video, one of them being my dear friend and neighbor, and my heart has grown bigger because of knowing them! 

I love what Elder Ballard said about all of us being more kind, inclusive, and understanding of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters: 

"I want anyone who is a member of the Church who is gay or lesbian to know I believe you have a place in the kingdom and I recognize that sometimes it may be difficult for you to see where you fit in the Lord’s Church, but you do.  
"We need to listen to and understand what our LGBT brothers and sisters are feeling and experiencing. 
"Certainly, we must do better than we have done in the past so that all members feel they have a spiritual home where their brothers and sisters love them and where they have a place to worship and serve the Lord." ("Questions and Answers," BYU Devotional, Nov. 14, 2017)

Here is a blog post of my experience attending my first North Star fireside, and how it changed my heart for the better. 

This was the first North Star event I attended in October 2018. It impacted me so much that I wrote a blog post about it. My neighbors, Ann and Brigit Pack, as well as Becky Mackintosh are with me after the fireside. Each one has a heart of gold!

Here are a few pictures of the North Star Conference where I had the honor of speaking a couple days ago. 

I had the honor of teaching my LGTBQ brothers and sisters that God loves them, God has a mission for them which He will help them fulfill, and God wants to speak to them (ie. Heaven Journaling!). 

This is one of many wonderful, new friends I made that day. Jen Thatcher is a BYU professor who teaches the Marriage and Family class and came to the conference to better understand, love and serve our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. I met a bishop, a young women president, and others who came there, like me, to better understand, love and serve. 

Ganel-Lyn Condie was the closing keynote speaker on Friday of the conference. I felt a special bond with her because her moving into a keynote position was the reason I got a last-minute invitation to speak in the break-out session she was going to speak in. And because we're so much alike. 

Another new friend, Rebecca Silva, shared her story of her son coming out five years ago, the grieving process LDS parents go through when that happens, and how to love, serve, and rely on the foundation of Christ through those times. 

A delightful young gay man, Stephen Tadlock, who enjoyed my class. I loved hearing how much this young man loves fashion, and brought six different scarves for this two-day event, just in case. He gave me permission to share his picture. 

What is North Star International?
"North Star is a faith-affirming resource for Latter-day Saints addressing sexual orientation and gender identity, who desire to live in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the doctrines and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We seek to empower these individuals and help them educate themselves, their family, friends, and Church leaders as they strive to become integrated more fully and lovingly into the Church community." (Taken from the text below their Youtube video above.)