Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Became a Grandma!

My oldest child Malia had her first baby -- Baby Zia! 

Baby Zia was born on April 11, 2013. She brought a whole lotta joy with her!

I can't believe I'm a grandma now!

I'm sooooo proud of my daughter Malia! She labored all night long at home, and came to the hospital already ready to push! She went 100% natural, even with over 2.5 hours of pushing. I'm very proud of her. I heard her nurses bragging to the other nurses, "You should meet my patient. She's a rock star. She's a first-time mom and.... (all that I just said)." Malia felt like I did after natural childbirth - on top of the world, like you can do anything now. Claudia was the same midwife who delivered my Adam in the same hospital! It was an incredible experience to witness her birth. They are already adorable little parents. 

Austin got to "catch" the baby coming out!  He is doing great as a new daddy! 

Mike sang his first lullaby to her already, "Sleep, my angel..." by Howard Jones.
What a yummy day. :)

I loved watching Mike and the kids fall instantly in love with Zia. 

Four generations!  Mike's mom Georgia is a very young great grandma at only 60!  
Doesn't she look great?

I stayed for five days after Zia's birth. Mike and the kids came down three of those five days. We are all totally smitten! 

I'm falling in love with Mike all over again watching him love our little grand baby Zia! 

I slept on a cot at Malia's house for several days. Snuggling with a newborn is yummy. 
Snuggling with your own grand baby is the best! 

Baby Zia's first doctor appointment. 

Malia and Austin showing off Baby Zia to her work friends at Good Earth health food store. That is where she and Austin met! Malia quit her job before the baby came, and finished up two weeks of college at Utah Valley University after. She still pulled straight A's! 


Look at that happy Uncle Gabe. He says he's Zia's favorite uncle.  

Baby Zia at two weeks old. I attended a homeschool conference at American Heritage School on a Saturday, and headed straight to Provo to hold that baby before driving home. 

My fridge has three Malia announcements on it. Two years ago was her high school graduation announcement. One year ago was her wedding announcement. This year was her baby shower invitation.  Because it all happened so fast, it was a little hard for me to get used to. But as soon as I bonded with that little bundle of heaven, I was smitten. Before Zia was born I wasn't ready to be called Grandma. Now I'm all over it. 


Malia Springer said...

I love this sweet post about Zia, Mom! I'm glad being a grandma suits you better than you expected. (As a side note, I am sorry that it was hard for you to adjust to all the quick changes in my life. I am hoping that life can slow down for a while, that's for sure!) I also wanted to let you know that you put her birthday as May 11th, not April. :) Love you!

Becky Edwards said...

Oops, I changed her birthday. Love you Honey!