Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My friend Tammy Ward has a gift.

My friend has an amazing gift. 

Tammy Ward  has a gift for organizing amazing, inspiring events for homeschooling families like retreats, camp outs, and field trips. Recently I attended three of her events.  I'm teaching an organizing seminar at her upcoming Moms' Renewal Retreat. She still has a few spots left, so come and join us if you can!  Tammy is so talented, you will be glad you came! 

Tammy's Mom and Super Son Retreat 

My dear friend Tammy Ward with two of her seven children. 

Here is the beautiful 9,000 square foot home next to Bear Lake, Utah. What a great place for a retreat, Tammy!  Perfect for a bunch of boys ready to have FUN!

One huge room had a basketball court, playground, teeter totter, golf putting, and ground-level trampoline! 

Games were everywhere!  Besides the room above, there was a game table, pool, and ping pong! 

 All three floors of the 9,000 square foot house had high ceilings. And if you didn't feel like taking the stairs down, you could take the twisty slide down between floors! 

If it weren't snowy we could have used the three huge twisty slides off the deck. You can see (kinda) Bear Lake in the background. 

Tammy Ward has a gift of planning these amazing events with just the right balance of structured activities and free time to play and visit. I haven't decided who had more fun...the boys or the moms.  

My kids thought it was super cool to meet Jacqueline Smith (on the right) who ran for Congress against Rob Bishop. My twin sons (almost 11 years old) stopped playing to sit and listen to and participate in a political discussion with her. 

We did super fun science experiments!  

The glowing slime worms were a hit.  

Climbing wall right in the family room, with a little cubbie on top. 

My Hyrum ready to head down the twisty slide to the next level.  

My kids thought it was REALLY COOL that we met Amy Kenney, the creator and director of one of our favorite movies, Stand Strong

Mother Daughter Retreat 

Tammy chose a beautiful retreat home (actually two homes across from each other) by Tremonton, Utah with a private lake/pond, small canoes, fountain, and even sand to make sand castles!  Moms and daughters attended from Utah, Idaho, Montana, and even Arkansas! 

Tammy had just the right balance of structured activities and free time. 

The program the first night was beautiful. She purchased a book and CD called "Beautiful" for each family, and played the recording of the story while we quietly read along. Then we enjoyed a touching discussion of the principles we learned from the parable. Afterward Tammy's daughter showed an awesome multi-media presention she created all about the importance of modesty. Way to go, girl! 

The girls had a ton of fun in the hot tub. Someone caught a video of them singing a spontaneous choir of primary songs in there!  Adorable! 

Nice, modest, good, clean fun, with good friends!  What could be better than that?  The moms are having just as much fun chatting on the shore -- you just can't see us 'cause we're taking the pictures. :)  

My Grace (second from the right) with her best buddy, Tammy's oldest daughter. 

My Grace roasting marshmallows!

All the daughters squished into the loft for a group pic. 

The moms didn't have to squish as much. 

A Field Trip Day with Tammy 

Tammy arranged a field trip day of two museums in Brigham City, Utah. One was all about fossils, minerals, and mining in Box Elder County. 

Another was about pioneer life in the area. This is an old fashioned sausage machine that was hand cranked. They're making a play dough version.

My daughter and Tammy's oldest daughter are best buddies. So after the museums, they and Tammy's next daughter did baptisms for the dead at the beautiful new Brigham City temple. We grabbed some groceries nearby, and then enjoyed the thousands of tulips on the temple grounds. Lovely! 

Tammy with some of her kiddos at the Brigham City LDS temple. 

The Grand Finale of the day was a trip with Mom to Smith and Edwards!

My husband's grandpa was the Edwards part of Smith and Edwards. He had to sell his part of the business when he was called to serve an LDS mission after having six young children.  (Can I just say I am GLAD the church doesn't ask people to serve missions while raising families any more!)  

My kids have heard about this store their whole lives and have felt pretty picked on that they've never been to the store themselves.  They thought they stepped into heaven when they finally stepped into their great grandpa's store!  

Gabe: "My friends all said this place had everything. I thought they were all exaggerating.  But they really, literally have EVERYTHING." 

So at the end of a super fun filled day, with two museums, grocery shopping, temple, Smith and Edwards, and an extended family birthday party at a pizza restaurant, I asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was. Guess what they said?  Smith and Edwards. Funny. 

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You are such a sweetie pie!! Thanks for that heart felt blog post. I LOVE spending time with other homeschooling families, and this is the perfect way for me to do just that!

P.S. I look like 2 different women with my haircut, huh? lol