Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Never Underestimate the Power of One Mother

Have you ever watched the ripples in a pond after dropping in a rock?  

Last weekend I got to thank someone who has profoundly influenced my life since I became a mother 20 years ago.  Linda and Richard Eyre have written books, spoken around the world, and formed organizations all to promote the power of deliberate parenting. I have been one person who has felt their influence and have passed it on to many others over the years, in public and personal settings.

Me and Linda Eyre after the Power of Moms Retreat in Linda and Richard's beautiful home.
This retreat was put on by Power of Moms, a wonderful organization that promotes, encourages, and trains mothers for their most important career in the world.  Power of Moms was created by Linda’s daughter Saren and Saren’s friend April Perry. I highly recommend you check out their site for wonderful articles, tools, and trainings. 

April Perry, Linda Eyre, Saren Eyre Loosli after the retreat

Linda Eyre speaking at the retreat. 
Richard Eyre speaking at the retreat.

When April Perry was a new mother she visited a bookstore hoping for books to help her love and be successful in her new career of motherhood. She found many books explaining how to leave your children in the care of others and go off to do “important things.”  Feeling discouraged, she finally ran into Linda Eyre’s book A Joyful Mother of Children. It spoke to April’s mother heart and soul.  Linda became a mothering mentor to April 13 years ago, just as she did for me 20 years ago. We both feel so blessed by how much Linda and her husband have influenced our lives, long before either of us met them.  

Saren and April explaining how to get the most from the day's speakers and discussions.

Several years ago April met Saren, Linda Eyre's daughter. April and Saren had similar dreams of creating something great to support mothers, and those dreams melded into the Power of Moms. Linda has helped countless mothers, and now her daughter’s organization is helping another generation of countless more mothers. April also developed Mind Organization for Moms, a great system which I'll blog about later. I told Linda in all the years of public speaking I’ve passed along gems I’ve learned from her to countless mothers too. I'm sure many others have passed along her gems as well. 

The Eyre's home is a perfect place for a moms' retreat. 

This reminded me of ripples in a pond. When you drop a rock in a pond, you see circles rippling out from there. It seems impossible to see exactly how far out the ripples go.  Linda Eyre is like this. An infinite amount of mothers have been touched by the ripples of Linda's motherhood mentoring. Many like me, April, and Linda’s children, have felt those ripples and have dropped rocks that have created more ripples. It's impossible to know how many others have dropped more and more rocks because of Linda's influence. And how many more have dropped rocks because of those other people's influence. And on and on and on.

More ripples also come because so many of us have raised our children differently from Linda’s example, love, positivity, systems, and vision. Our children are having children (I just became a grandma last month!), and our children will raise their families differently because they were raised in ways influenced by the Eyres.

Elaine Dalton said, “I truly believe that one virtuous ...woman ... led by the Spirit, can change the world...” When I first heard this in 2008 I thought that was a nice principle but it’s not literal, just an exaggeration. I don’t any more. Linda Eyre is one who has proved Elaine Dalton right. 

P.S. To see one of infinite ripples from Elaine Dalton, see this one woman who is changing the world with an organization she created in response to Elaine Dalton’s influence. 


April Perry said...

It was FANTASTIC to meet you, Becky! You are truly a "conduit," and I love your enthusiasm for motherhood. Thank you for your kind words and for your example!

Eyrealm said...

This post is deeply appreciated Becky! Thanks so much for all YOU have done to drop rocks and send out your own ripples! It all comes from the same place. Love you!

Becky Edwards said...

Thank you April Perry and Linda Eyre! I love you both.

Here is April Perry's story. It is one of overcoming challenges with her role as a mother (to which I can relate) and later feeling God call her to help mothers in a big way, which has created many ripples in the pond.

M. Huff said...

Becky, I have Teaching Your Children Values on the bookshelf next to me...I'm sure that it was recommended to me by you about 20 years ago! I think I'll read it again soon to absorb it from a different perspective now that my kids are older...so I'll remember it for when I want to pass it on to someone else!