Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Triple Your Storage Space Just off the Kitchen

Some people move to a bigger house because they need more storage space. You can add loads of space to your home by using a few principles of organizing: 

  • discarding things you no longer love and use 
  • consolidating and organizing items you want to keep using containers (have I mentioned I love containers?)
  • using unused space on walls, on the back of doors, and under shelves
  • adding more shelves 

This is the stairway from the kitchen and family room to the unfinished basement.  If you haven't noticed, I LOVE hooks. Here we use them for Grandma bags.  A cool invention I learned from my mom, which is where you stash any items that need to go back to Grandma's house, or any other relative on that side of the family who shows up at the same family parties.  

The bags underneath are the kids' church bags.  See the little yellow bags?  Our stake did a pioneer trek three years ago, and my younger kids used those leftover trek bags for years. It was fun decorating them in pioneer drawings and seeing their spirits connect with the pioneers. 

The door going to the basement.  This holds winter gloves and hats. Very handy.  If you want, you could rotate this in the summer with swim suits, sun hats, and umbrellas. 

Our coat closet.  We removed the hanging rod and installed two rows of hooks -- one up high for tall people and one down low for little people.  Works great!  The nesting laundry baskets up high are for swimming stuff.  I take both nested bins to the pool, then put all the wet stuff in one bin, bringing back whatever didn't get used in the dry bin.  Nifty little system.

Do you think I own stock in plastic shoe bags?  I should!  This is the coat closet just inside the garage door off the kitchen.  The tricky part is getting kids (oh and Mom) to remember to put shoes in the pockets right when we walk in the door, and to limit each person to only a couple pairs.  The rest need to be stored in people's bedroom closets.

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