Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make use of Storage Space in a Master Bathroom

I love this little row of hooks.  It's meant to hold keys, but I use it here to hold a hair dryer, flat iron, and curling iron.  I also love my swing arm mirror so I can see the back of my hair.  I like to use getting-ready-in-the-morning time to read quotes or memorize Articles of Faith, so I attach papers to my mirror. It works for me.  My sister-in-law Elisabeth inspired me by typing up a family mission statement and framing it on their wall, so I did that more recently for our family.  I hung it in the blank space on the right side, so I can read parts of it as I'm blow drying.  Multi-tasking at its best. 

We are blessed to have two sinks, and have them be the tallish version.  My husband is all leg.  I'm not kidding. He's almost 6 feet tall, and I'm about 6 inches shorter than him, yet when we sit side-by-side I'm taller than him.  So he loves not having to bend so far.  

Anyway... I wanted to make the most use of the space under these two sinks that I could. My FAV under-bathroom-sink organizing tool is a set of clear plastic drawers.  These hold a stock of bathroom items like soap and shampoo.  The bin holds ironing supplies. Usually behind the bin is a mile-high stack of Costco toilet paper.  We must have been almost out.  Uh oh. 

Under my sink are two sets of plastic drawers, holding things like pads, tampons, essential oils, and bath pampering items (I'll use them sometime I just know it).  Atop the drawers is a tackle box/craft box holding earrings and smaller necklaces.  I keep a bin of rags plus a bin of cleaners here.  Hooks behind the right door hold necklaces, and hooks on the left hold a little wire shelf.  Okay I confess I didn't like walking ALL THE WAY across the bathroom every morning when I needed a tissue to wipe mascara off my skin.  How do I manage to do that every morning??

Mom's bathroom drawer.  I used an office supply divided tray, plus some interlocking little bins.  The bin in the front needed to be really skinny so I custom made it from a Ziplok or Kleenex box.  The hair supplies in the back are used by my three youngins, so it never looks quite this clean.  That's okay.  I know I'll miss the messes when they grow up and move away.  Then I'll wish my hair supplies would get messed up by them again...

My man's bathroom drawer. I used a divided lunch food container, plus a couple other food containers.  Who says you can't mix and match food and shaving? 

I am philisophically opposed to towel rods.  Just don't like 'em.  So I remove them every home I buy (okay we've only bought two).  Then we install a row of cute towel hooks.  If it's too hard to do, nobody is going to do it, so hanging a towel is 100 times easier on a hook than a rod. So it's a no brainer.   We use one hook for a floor towel, plus one holds our fingernail and toenail clippers, so they can always be found.  Well, almost always... 

The master bathroom came with a jetted tub (never had one of those before) but guess who uses it?  Hint: it's not me.  It's not my husband.  Yep, it's the three youngins.  They have enjoyed MANY hours of relaxing, fun, overabundant bubbles, and prunish fingers in that tub.  Which is why I installed a row of hooks just for the kids' towels right above our tub.  They each have an assigned hook so it's easy to tell whose towel is left out.  

Have I mentioned I like hooks?  Okay, just checking.  We use hooks behind the bathroom door to hold his n' hers robes.  Isn't that romantic? We love to snuggle in the winter on the sofa wearing these cozy things. 

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