Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Organizing Craft and Scrapbook Supplies

Several sets of three-drawer sets make a tower to hold craft supplies.  The place we have room for this tower and my sewing machine is in our 10 year-old daughter's walk-in closet.

My walk-in closet is lined with a shelf close to the ceiling.  I've placed several three-drawer sets to organized craft supplies I don't want kids to reach, like acrylic paints, various glues, glue gun, and my own scrapbook supplies. 

Our teenage daughter loves creating scrapbooks and cards, so we placed the same three-drawer sets under her desk to organize her supplies. 

Labeled photo boxes or shoe boxes can hold various projects in-process for a busy teenaged crafter.  Michaels craft store offers these on sale for a couple bucks. 

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