Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Organizing Ideas for Kids' Bathrooms

Space under bathroom sinks isn't the most user-friendly.  Help it out with a couple bins or a set of clear plastic drawers.  We use bins here to store extra bathroom supplies like shampoo and soap, plus one for cleaners. Toilet paper stacks high in the back. 

A teenage son's bathroom drawer.  Looks pretty good, eh?  He keeps it clean himself. I'm impressed.

Teenage girl's drawer.  It's amazing how well a few bins and an inexpensive cutlery tray keep things like this tidy and easy to find.  A tiny craft box with dividers holds ear rings.

Another teenage girl bathroom drawer.  The bins make all the difference. 

Looks like a mass of cords.  But she can find what she needs in the mornings.  That's what matters.  And I'd rather have that mass of cords inside a drawer than all over the counter top.  So this is a good mass. 

My two teenagers need to arrive at school anywhere between 6 am and 8 am, depending on the day, so can you guess why this clock is in the bathroom? 

This is the only photo of the bathroom our three youngins share.  They each have their own drawer holding tooth supplies.  Needs to be cleaned, doesn't it?  I can see the toothpaste globs from here...  A bin for cleaning supplies and rags makes cleaning easy.  Again, toilet paper gets stacked high behind everything else (when it is well stocked).

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