Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Take a Tour of My Home for Organizing Tips

I used to teach organizing seminars. I also had groups of women tour my home to gather ideas to use in their space. 

These pictures are from several years ago when my kids were several years younger, from my old blog.  I may update these with current pictures if I find the time....or I may not. 

Click on the links below to see ideas for each area. 

Make the Best Use of Kitchen Cupboards 

Take a Peek in My Kitchen Drawers

Make the Best Use of Pantry Space

Triple Your Storage Space Just Off the Kitchen

18 Tips to Create Your Own "Liberation from Laundry" System

Organizing Craft and Scrapbook Supplies

Our Cozy Little Toy Room

Ways to Organize a Rec Room 

Kids Rooms Can Be Organized Too

Make Use of Storage Space in a Master Bathroom

Organizing Ideas for Kids' Bathrooms

How do You Organize a Master Bathroom Cubby?

How to Tidy and Restock a Mini Van

Click here for more ideas about getting organized. 


Wendy said...

Is someone doing push ups? or cleaning the floor?

Becky Edwards said...

That's so funny that you noticed that Wendy. I forgot that the reason I took the picture was to remember how cute it is that Mike does push ups with the front door open because he gets too warm. When I posted it I was just looking for a picture of the house. Mike is the bonus! :)