Monday, January 27, 2014

Two books to help you love the Old Testament more than before

I'm getting more from my Old Testament study this year than ever before! This book is making a big difference in helping me make sense and see meaning in stories or passages that used to baffle me. I highly recommend it. 

Here's my other favorite book to help me get more out of the Old Testament. I love this author Jim Ferrell who wrote The Peacegiver. I LOVE this book's concept of looking for symbolism of Christ in the stories and people of the Old Testament. It brings layers of sweetness and meaning to the stories. Joseph in Egypt is my favorite one. 

Like when Joseph's brothers discover who Joseph is and they're terrified he's going to kill them. Instead he reaches out to them, forgives them, tells them it's okay because God used their actions for them to all be saved, hugs them and weeps. It reminds me of the many times we sin and Jesus says something similar - It's okay, come unto me, my arms are stretched out still, I love you anyway even though you made mistakes, let me hold you, welcome you home, and we'll weep together. So sweet. I hope you love this book as much as I do. 

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