Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Babies Turned Twelve... An Afternoon of Pure Joy

The camera in my mind took a long, gazing snapshot. 

And then another. And another. 

And tears came to my eyes. 

The picture was all three of my boys dressed in white, sitting next to their dad and their cute cousin in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple baptistry. I sat across from them and had move seats to duck my head to get a good look. I couldn't stop smiling. My heart overflowed with love and pure joy in that sweet and sacred moment.  

The first day all of our children were old enough to go to the temple
all together. Nobody has to stay home any more.
Of course we wish our Malia and her husband Austin could join us,
but it was Austin's birthday too, and they're leading their own busy college
lives and raising baby Zia.  

Two happy twins and one happy cousin. We love this guy.  He gave the twins cool designs of duct tape. A cool gift. 

I got honked at while taking pictures by the curb. I got a bit too far into the road. The man standing behind our family said, "A mother's love. She would go into a busy street to take pictures of her sons." 

One of our twelve year-olds (the shorter one with dark hair) had followed Adam's example and had researched his own
ancestor names to bring to the temple. He found them months ago and exclaimed,
"Nobody else take my names!" Then at the temple he kindly shared them so
all the boys had family names to do. 

My twins had been debating for months about which temple to visit on their twelfth birthday. They were full of questions for weeks. Like little kids at Christmas. It was just as wonderful as I hoped. 

Then we headed to Chuck A Rama for dinner. Icing on the cake. 

Actually a little too much cake. 

Chuck A Rama has these a.m.a.z.i.n.g. rolls. 

A Perplexus puzzle and super cool duct tape.
What more could a boy want? 

I pointed out this was a definite perk of having a dad be a bishop. First thing in the morning they put on church clothes and received the Aaronic priesthood. 

Then Dad came home from work early to give them temple recommend interviews. They didn't want to wait until next week.  They wanted their first temple visit to be on the very day. 

How special that our oldest, Adam, who is putting mission papers in soon,
got to ordain one of his brothers to the Aaronic priesthood.
Adam used to feel outnumbered, two girls to one boy. So he started praying
that God would send our family twin boys. Guess what happened? 

A week later we visited the Bountiful temple at their request. 

They're hooked. I'm thrilled. 


This time the other twin did research and brought ancestor names to share with his siblings.
We are excited to meet (or reacquaint ourselves) with those ancestors. 

On the drive home as we discussed the peace and calm we feel in the temple, the twin on the far right exclaimed, "The temple is like candy for your spirit!" 

And we enjoyed some yum afterward at Roxberry. 

Here are some yummy moments helping my twinners finish up their Faith in God award on Sunday afternoons. 

Oh how I love these beautiful boys... 

Here are my cute twinners at four years old. 


parkepreschool said...

Amazing post, I'm so happy for you and your family! I can't wait until my oldest turns 12. Thankfully she is excited to turn 12 so she can do baptisms for the dead and I can't wait to go with her. I love going with the youth, you can tell they are on the right path when they want to spend time in the temple.

Jodi Wilding said...

So sweet Becky! I love your blog! You are so inspiring!

April Perry said...

You are a darling mother, and what fantastic boys you have!! Love seeing how you are raising them. xoxoxo

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