Sunday, May 11, 2014

Are We Not All Mothers? Talk by Sheri Dew

This is a beautiful talk. 

Sheri Dew, the power house CEO of Deseret Book and former member of the Relief Society general presidency, hasn't become a mother on earth yet. I know she will become a happy wife mother someday, even if it's in the next life. But she has been a mother to me, and to millions of women around the world as she powerfully testifies, encourages, believes in, and brings souls to Christ. She mothers her nieces and nephews. She has mothered her institute students. She is a beautiful and brilliant mother. 

Our sweet Relief Society president also hasn't had earthly children yet.  Like Sheri Dew, I know she will be a happy wife and mother someday. In the meantime, she is a sweet and caring mother to our ward family. She nurtures, cares for, prays for, and loves those in our congregation. I love her. She also mothers her nieces and nephews, and my children too. She is a wonderful mother.

Three cheers for motherhood. 

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