Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gracie is Fifteen! And bursting with talent...

Our little Gracie Babie isn't so little any more. Sniff. 

2006. Seven years old and all smiles. 
2007. Grace has performed since she was two or three years old. Here she is singing for her grandpa Jim's 60th birthday, "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck." Jennie Jordan Frogley was hired entertainment, but Grace gave her a run for her money! 

2008. Family trip to Nauvoo. My favorite trip EVER. 

2009. In front of San Diego Temple.
2010. Grace and her dad on Independence Day.

2011. Grace received the Hope of America Award at the end of sixth grade. 

2012. Grace's last performance for Showstoppers.

2013. Gracie is a 13-year-old aunt!  Welcome to the world Baby Zia!

Now she's almost as tall as her mom. 
Grace had a great 15th birthday.

Grace loves Studio C.  We got to watch them perform live a few months ago at a Roots Tech conference. She waited in line for a very long time to get this t-shirt signed by the actors, and we saved it for her birthday.

Grace's favorite charity is Mothers Without Borders. This fabric tie rug was made by someone in Zambia and Grace spied it when we helped set up their annual fund raiser boutique. 

One of Grace's best friends treated her to breakfast burritos and shopping for a new blouse. I love these two girls. So much. 

"Flash mobbing" Wendys. Only there were no customers there in the middle of the afternoon. Oh well. It was much warmer on the fingers than the cold park.

Roxberry smoothies. Yum. :)

We spent the evening watching her Symphonics Showcase concert. Fun!  

Watch Grace's Solo "More than a Band"

And a happy birthday song to top off the night. These choir kids have nice voices, but it's their tradition to sing off key.  

Four good friends. With a lot of talent. By the way, our cute fiend in the turquoise blouse was a last minute fill in. And she rocked it. Nice job all of you! 

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RaNae said...

Aw..she was such a cute little thing! I love seeing pictures of these guys when they were just tiny. I have to say that her costume for showstoppers was something else! Wow. I hope that hat wasn't too heavy! ;) What a cute post, I might have to do something like that for mine as they grow up! Fun, fun, fun!