Friday, June 13, 2014

A day in the life of Me and Grace

Grace and I started the day with a free ballroom dance lesson. Our 15-year-old friend is offering these weekly lessons all summer for a Personal Progress project. Several of our homeschool friends are on ballroom teams that win national competitions, and they take turns teaching the group. Grace is in the middle of the group in pink, helping demonstrate the Swing dance. Fun! 

Guess who locked her keys in the church? Yep, it was me. So we waited around a while until someone came back with the keys. These teens will never complain about having extra time to hang out together.

Then Grace had a belated birthday-painting-her-room party. And a painting each other party. 

Grace's homeschool group took on a summer service project of helping with a community garden that feeds homeless people. Today was a weeding day. 

Then Grace decided to accompany me to an evening speaking engagement. She's never come with me before, and it was fun to have her along. I speak to groups about getting organized, de-cluttering, setting up routines and systems, getting family involved in housework, and using media and technology appropriately. 

When Grace and I got home, the junk drawer I brought to show my class dropped. Oh boy. The nice thing is, it didn't take long to have everything back in place. Thanks for your help Grace!

It was a good day. :) 

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