Friday, June 13, 2014

Are Mormons really Christians? Three resources to help answer that.

Are Mormons really Christians?  

I say yes. Many say no. Here are three of my favorite resources to help you answer that question. 

Of course it goes without saying that the best way to discover what a church believes is to go to the Church itself for answers. is an LDS site created to answer these questions. The best way to know what the Book of Mormon teaches is to read it for yourself, and ask God if it's true. 

Here are three other sources to help answer tough questions people ask about Mormons

1)  My new favorite LDS blogger, Greg Trimble

Here is a recent post I liked. He knows a lot about a lot of religions. He offers a great combination of logical points for the LDS Church while remaining friendly and respectful, always reaching out to other religions to make friends. In fact, one of his companies sells t-shirts like these. 

2) Mormons: An Open Book, by Anthony Sweat. 

I read this book to my family a couple years ago when we were doing some missionary work and wanted to better understand how to answer challenging questions about our religion. It's easy to understand with a nice format and illustrations. 

3) The Greatest Quest by Blaine and Brenton Yorgason. 

It's a novel based on a true story of three college friends who spent years looking for Christ's true church, based on evidences they gathered from the Bible. The appendix has a list of 42 evidences of the true church of Jesus Christ, along with Bible verses for each evidence. 

I spent some delicious time looking up and marking these verses, and typing them into a chart that I glued into my scriptures. Here you can see verses that relate to four of the points that I marked in pink.

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