Thursday, June 5, 2014

Becky's before and after "Dressing Your Truth" hair makeover

Dressing Your Truth is an energy typing system. 

It includes personality, movement, body language, facial features, motivation, behavior, and so on. It has taken a long time for me to figure out my energy type, which I now think is a 3/1. 

I was ready for a new hair do, and wanted it to match my energy type. So we spent the afternoon at the Dressing Your Truth salon. At the bottom of this post I'll include my "after" picture and a video that explains the system a bit. 

My "before" picture. 

I came to the salon dressing like a type 4 I think, and my hair might be a type 2.

Guess who showed up to hang out during much of my appointment? My daughter Malia and granddaughter Zia! I brought Grace and a dear friend Heather with me. (How very type 1 of me to bring people to make this a social event.)  

Off came about four inches of hair. Zia liked playing "peek a boo" with my cape. I loved seeing her. Twice Malia put her on my lap and I sang and slowly tickled her arms and back, which made her look almost hypnotized, she liked it so much. 

Type 3's and 1's look best in warm hair colors. Notice my hair dresser's cute black and white outfit? She is a type 4. I wish you could see her cool type 4 hairdo. 

Malia has one year left of college at UVU, majoring in ASL sign language, so she teaches Zia lots of cute signs. This one means "sleep."

This salon actually has a different looking cape for each energy type. The type 3 cape has animal prints on it. Type 4 is plain black. Type 1 is pink flowers, and type 2 is grey-pink flowers. Pretty cool. 

My little type 1/3 15-year-old Grace got her mind set on a certain new hairdo from their binder and called our hair dresser back home. She couldn't get Grace in for three weeks, much to the chagrin of this girl who needs to develop more patience. Look how cute the salon is. Some salons drain my energy with a dark atmosphere and dark music. This salon makes you feel light, happy, and energized. And everyone is super nice and supportive.

I resisted thinking I was a dominant type 3 partly because I don't love a lot of their colors or shapes. Almost 100% of my jewelry is circles, which is a type 1 thing. But I found a cute shirt and a few pieces of jewelry that I quite liked. 

My adorable friend Heather spent the afternoon with me, and we had a ball together. We even ended up buying the same salmon colored maxi skirt without realizing it! She is a 1/3, and I am a 3/1. We loved being together, and chatted the entire drive to and from.  

My "after" picture. 

This was my best hair appointment of my whole life. I loved getting a hair cut, color, and style to match my energy type. The hair dressers here are all trained in Dressing Your Truth. My hair dresser knew that type 3's like their hair to be quick to do, and out of their face. Totally! So she taught me several tricks to make things go faster.  She also did the highlights in such a way to accommodate my type 3 attitude of waiting way too long between hair color appointments, because who has a whole afternoon to get hair colored, when I'm busy getting stuff done?  Type 3's typically have a messy part that's not a straight line, and we just estimate where it goes, rather than taking time with the detail of a straight line. Yep.

But my secondary type 1 didn't like the spikes or more extreme looks that some type 3's like. I feel best with some movement and bounce. She cut it to accommodate my type 1 that likes lots of options and variety. She found a great way to incorporate both my 3 and my 1 together. I love it! We found some clothes and jewelry there to match my energy type. These aren't things I would have naturally chosen, but after wearing them for a while, I really liked them! 

Something funny I realized after finally owning up to being a type 3 is that my blog and my home are decorated in type 3 rich, warm colors and textures. And sprinkled with some happy, swirly type 1 stuff too. 

Clothes and hair are NOT the most important thing in life. 

It's just nice when how you look matches your true inner self. I think there is something to this concept. It feels quite validating, healing, and empowering in acknowledging how God created us individually -- our God-given selves, and then supporting ourselves to be our best, rather than suppressing or shaming our true selves and trying to be something or someone else. It reminds me of how it feels right to live our God-given roles of men and women, like how God created women to be primarily nurturers in the family, and created men to be presiders, providers, and protectors. It feels right to live in alignment with how God created us to be. 

Just like I've believed for years with other personality systems like The Color Code, the Five Love Languages, birth order theory it's important that we don't use energy typing as an excuse or justification -- "I'm rude, it's just the way I am, so get used to it." Nope. We still need to ask God to help us turn our weaknesses into strengths (see Ether 12:27). God also commanded us to pray for the best gifts like the ones in D&C 46:11-28Moroni 10:4-22; and 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. So one thing I pray for as a 3/1 energy type that tends to be random and easily distracted, is consistency in my holy habits like scriptures, prayers, and the like. We are sent to earth to become more like Christ, and become the best version of how God made us. Let's not settle for the weak version of ourselves. 

Understanding our unique characteristics seems to empower to turn our weaknesses into strengths without smothering our true divine selves. Learning about our natures also helps us understand and get along better with family members and others, helping us support the highest version of their true selves too. 

The video below converted me to how much difference it can make to dress one's truth. This is Carol Tuttle, the owner of Dressing Your Truth, trying on the clothes and hair of all four types. She looks like a man in this outfit, but when she dresses her type she looks and feels awesome! 


Suzanne said...

I think you're adorable before AND after! Love the new haircut! It sounds like a really fun and great experience!

Karen said...

You look great! I'm excited for you :-D

Tricia K said...

Oh! I am so happy for you Becky! It's truly happines
to live your truth isn't it!!

Linda B said...

You look so fantastic in the after photo!

Mindy said...

Good post, and you look great!

Trish said...

Great transformation! I love it!

Jenn Lee said...

Found your blog on the foot zone energy work fb page. I fell in love and have been looking at all kinds of posts. Then I saw his one and remembered a friend told me all about it. I forgot until now and the. Saw she is also your friend, heather. Lol small world. Heather is amazing and I am glad I found your sweet blog to remind me about this. I need to figure out my type and my daughters as well. Can't wait to read more. Thanks for all you share. I know from experience blogging is not easy. Have a great day!

Tess O'Driscoll said...

I absolutely loved your transformation. Especially seeing you embracing all of it now!

Becky Edwards said...

Thank you Tess! Have you figured out which type you are yet?

K'Lyn Thomas said...

Your eyes are gorgeous! I hadn't ever noticed them with your glasses. I love the looks. My favorite is seeing your beautiful face especially in the picture with your hair foiled.