Saturday, July 26, 2014

A great book list for pre-missionaries

I asked my Facebook friends, "What books would you recommend for a missionary getting ready?" They gave some great answers! I added my own ideas too.

Our son Adam holding his mission call to Paris, France. He leaves in late October. 

My response: 
  • Becky Mike Edwards Thank you everyone for your suggestions! It's fun to know Adam is already reading several of your suggestions: Preach my Gospel, Infinite Atonement, and of course the scriptures. Adam has already read Anatomy of Peace, Leadership and Self Deception, and some of Falling to Heaven (James Ferrell). We've read aloud as a family some of Power of Everyday Missionaries (so inspiring!) and Millenial Quest series. You all gave wonderful suggestions! 
  • Feel free to leave a comment below with other suggestions of great books for those preparing for missions. 

  • Here are a couple great stores that cater to missionaries. They're in northern Utah but they ship too. And 

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Matthew Parks said...

Love this list! I though "Oh I hope she has this one on there," then I saw it, and "oh I hope she has that one on there," then I saw it! Such a great list!

I would add one: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.