Friday, July 25, 2014

Two great stores if you're sending out a missionary

If you have a missionary going out and live in Northern Utah (or want to shop online), here are two clothing stores that cater especially to missionaries! 

1. Holmes Clothing in Ogden and Brigham City

2. Missionary Mall and Sister Missionary Mall in Orem

Both places make suit coats with extra fabric in the arm pit to stretch during biking, line their slacks in certain areas to avoid ripping, and have all the little extras that missionaries have on their to-bring list like shoulder bags, first aid kits, and such. 

They each have different advantages over the other. 

Holmes Clothing has famous, amazing socks that are made by a marathon running sock company (ask for their moisture whicking demo) and has better shoes from what I can tell. They also have a bigger free package they give to new missionaries when they come in for their suit fitting. 

Missionary Warehouse guarantees their clothing and shoes for two years, even if a suit gets ruined by a dog bite! Their suit slacks aren't lined but their other slacks are. I was impressed with their double layer long men's dress coat. The shoulder bags varied quite a bit at both stores too. 

My dear friends recommended these two stores to me. I was so grateful that I wanted to recommend them to anyone else getting a missionary ready to leave also. One mom told me she wanted to save money by buying all the little accessories at different stores, but she wished she would have just bought it all at this type of store, to save a lot of hassle and time.

While Adam tried on a suit at Missionary Mall Grace and I hung out with their thousands of ties. 

Click here for a great book list for pre-missionaries. Or for anyone else who wants to come closer to Christ. 

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