Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why my Grandpa William Budge is my hero

Today we spent Pioneer Day honoring my great, great grandpa, William Budge. He's a pretty amazing man. I'd like to share a little about him. 

Here is my great, great Grandpa William Budge. We found this picture at Find a Grave. At that site and Family Search you can look up your ancestors, or submit pictures of them, their graves, and their stories. 

We loved finding a collection of our Budge family graves in the Logan cemetery. It's a beautiful cemetery with huge, beautiful shade trees. What a peaceful feeling there. Grace claimed the $1 prize for finding the first Budge grave!  

My great, great grandpa's grave. I felt him there as we were reading his story online and visiting his grave. I love him!  I can't wait to meet him after I die. Actually, I probably know him well already from before we came to earth. If that's the case, I can't wait for my reunion with him! 

Someone placed a little flag by Grandpa Budge's grave. We assume it's a Budge coat of arms. Cool.  

On our way to Logan we ate dinner at Maddox steak house in Brigham City.  This was a favorite restaurant of Mike's grandpa Lawrence Edwards. 

Adam tried his first fried shrimp at Maddox. He's trying out various forms of fish and eggs, two foods he used to avoid, to get ready for his mission to Paris, France. 

Here are a few reasons Grandpa William Budge is my hero.

William Budge lived in Scotland when he converted to the LDS Church in 1848, at about 20 years old. 

Within a few years, Grandpa Budge served a NINE YEAR (yes, RMs, nine year) mission for the LDS Church, in England, Switzerland, and Germany. During his three months serving in Switzerland he was imprisoned 13 times...can you tell the Swiss didn't love the Mormons at that time? (My son Adam, when you have a hard day on your mission, think of Grandpa Budge in jail and know you can do hard things too.) Guess who was William's most famous convert? Carl G. Maeser, who founded BYU! Pretty cool, eh? Mike and I both graduated from there, and Mike's law degree is from BYU. 

One of my favorite childhood stories is about Grandpa Budge on his mission. He needed to return home to England to earn more money for his mission, and as he was boarding the ship he heard a voice tell him three times not to get on the boat. He didn't see anyone talking to him, but the voice was clear. So he obeyed. Later he saw in the newspaper that the ship had sunk and every person on it had died. That's a story that stays in the heart of a young Becky, teaching me that following the Lord's promptings is really important. My mom uses the analogy of tuning in a radio to receive the right signal, saying that others could have heard the same warning if they had tuned into God's Spirit. 

On his way to America, William was assigned to be a captain of a wagon train company of 72 oxen wagons across the plains to Utah. And you thought your church calling was demanding...

Last summer our son Adam walked in Grandpa Budge's name on our stake pioneer trek in Wyoming. 

We even saw a grave along the trail of a woman from William Budge's wagon train who had died along the trail. It  suddenly felt so real that we were really walking in the same path that he grandpa! 

Then William became an LDS bishop in Providence (near Logan, Utah) and Bear Lake. 

Then the stake president of Bear Lake Stake. 

William was instrumental in the building of the Paris, Idaho tabernacle near Bear Lake. 

Look at the inside of this tabernacle...Amazing! If you ever visit Bear Lake, come to the north side and visit this super cool tabernacle. It's worth the drive. 

William replaced Joseph F. Smith as president of the European mission president, WHILE he still served as president of the Bear Lake Stake! William was the first non-apostle to hold that position. Wow, now that our son Adam is preparing to serve in Paris, France, it makes me think of what a HUGE mission my grandpa presided over! Grandpa knew how to do hard things with God's help. His example gives our family courage to do hard things too. 

His last calling was serving 12 years as the second temple president of the Logan Temple, until he was about 89 years old!  Our family LOVES this temple, maybe because we feel close to Grandpa when we visit. 

Here is a picture we took of the temple about 10:00 tonight just as the Pioneer Day fireworks were getting underway nearby. It was a magical night.

We found a historic home that William Budge lived in while he served as Logan temple president. It's currently being remodeled.

Grandpa died at age 90 from old age. He lived a wonderful, long life in the service of Heavenly Father. He didn't just sing the hymn "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord," Grandpa lived it.   

I love my grandpa William Budge! Now I want to learn more about his wife, my Grandma Ann Hyer Budge. I'm sure she's amazing too!

Grandpa Ann Hyer Budge's grave in the Logan cemetery. 

If you're a descendant of Grandpa William Budge, here is a biography written by his son. Also feel free to leave a comment below about what you admire most about him, or leave some other cool facts I didn't list here. 


Sam Passey said...

Hi, I enjoyed your article. You may be interested in knowing that the biography is available for veiewing freely at:

His diary is online and can be found here:

If you want to see the original copy of the diary it is held at the University Library at Utah State University.

Franny Bbent said...

Awesome site! We are relatives! My grandpa was Dr. Scott Merrill Budge, the youngest son of William and Ann Hyer Budge. I love the family history and our family!! Thank you!

Becky Edwards said...

Sam Passey,

Thank you for sharing those resources! Are you also a Budge?


Franny Bbent,

How fun that we are relatives! Do you live in northern Utah? If so, there is a Budge lunch twice a year in Brigham. You can email me and I can give you information about it.

Kyle Budge said...

This is pretty awesome. I am excited that I came across your blog.