Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Check out my friend AnnMarie's super awesome laundry system!

My sweet friend AnnMarie Norton is a master of creating simple, streamlined systems. After living full-time in an RV with her family of six children, she's an expert of simplified laundry. This is their laundry system for their new home. You'll love it. 

If you only have a small space, click here to see my current laundry system. I've taught it to thousands of moms over the years and it's been a game changer for many families. Mine is squeezed into a closet, but it works amazingly well. Isn't it amazing how much time mothers can spend on laundry? See which tips you can use to shave time off your system, and gain freedom to do things that matter most. Leave a comment below to let us know what laundry system or tips work well for you! 

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Neeta Sharma said...

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