Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our son Adam got his mission call!

Click here for a video of Adam opening his mission call.

Adam is going to Paris, France! He goes into the Provo MTC on October 29, 2014. Congratulations Adam, we love you!
Not a pretty picture, but a sacred moment. I cried. I knew this call was from Heavenly Father

The Paris, France mission includes parts of Belgium and Luxemberg.  He needs three visas!

Good thing Adam is a techy ninja. We had two laptops and a smart phone working so family out of town could watch Adam's big day.

This is Adam showing his mission call to family members via internet. 

We had wonderful friends and family come to support Adam's big day. 

Everyone wrote their guess about where Adam would go.

Our young men's president guessed right! He also guessed right for the last ward young man's call. We think he's got a gift!

The past 1.5 years Adam discovered he LOVES playing organ. Ron and Shar Hughs (far left and right) taught Adam the differences from piano, and then recommended Adam get a professional teacher. Katherine Christensen (next to Adam) is his organ teacher. She came to church to watch him play recently, which I thought was really sweet! The reason I include this picture in a post about Adam's mission call is this. Adam did his best to be 100% open to wherever the Lord would call him. But I knew in his heart that his dream was to go somewhere in Europe where he could spread the gospel using music, specifically those old, gorgeous pipe organs in old Catholic cathedrals. Katherine attended Adam's mission call opening. She came up to us afterward and said, "I think they have organs in France." Adam is THRILLED.

Here is a video of Adam playing a piano medley for his friend's Christmas present. I need to get more videos of him playing organ. He really gets into Bach, Handel, hymns, and especially improvising as he goes along. I never get tired of hearing and watching him play. I will really miss him filling the house with his beautiful music for two years. But I wouldn't want him anywhere else! 

Here is an article about Elder Anderson visiting the Paris, France temple site. Exciting!  Adam will likely be there when the temple gets dedicated! 

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