Friday, July 18, 2014

Our spice system - stocking up and saving money

We cook from scratch. A lot. And I like flavor. A lot. Which means we use a lot of spices. 

If you buy the little tiny spice bottles at the grocery store, whew, they're expensive!  I'd rather purchase in bulk and store spices in a way that they're still fresh several years down the road. Here's how we do it. If you decide to add bulk spices to your food storage plan, you don't have to do it all at once. You could set aside money to purchase a little each month of the spices you use the most. 

Supplies needed: bulk spices, glass jars, coffee filters, and a Seal-a-Meal vacuum sealer.

1. Buy spices in bulk. I like San Francisco Herb or Iherb. Both offer free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount.  This parsley cost only $15 for a full POUND, and only $20 for organic. That's almost a gallon of parsley because it's so airy. Dense spices like onion powder take much less space. 

2. Fill a clean glass jar with your spices. One pound of parsley flakes fills four quart jars. 

3. I place a coffee filter on top of the spices so the suction of the Seal-a-Meal doesn't suck any parsley into the air tube. 

4. Place a clean, like-new lid on the jar. Follow directions on your Seal-a-Meal to seal the lid to the jar. My kids and I think the best part is popping the seal off over and over, because it makes an awesome pop sound. You can't believe how fresh this method keeps your spices. I store these sealed jars in the basement with labels on the lids to make them easy to find. Done!
Spice storage ideas

I store two bins of bulk spices in my cupboard above my regular spices. But if you don't have room you could store these in a food storage room. 

Here is what my spice cupboard looks like. I love my little Tupperware turn tables with clear spice containers. The one on the left holds the spices we use most often. 

I learned this method of long-term spice storage from Wendy DeWitt. If you want to get super inspired about food storage, watch her video presentation. 

For more ideas on organizing storage space and kitchen cupboards, click here.

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