Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recipes that are quick, easy, cheap, (mostly) healthy, and yummo...favorites of my pre-missionary!

Some of you requested the recipes from the mini recipe book I made for my pre-missionary here.

I invited Adam to choose his favorite recipes that are: 

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Cheap
  • Yummo
  • And mostly healthy

So here they are! 

Some meals are so easy they don't need a recipe like burritos or fried eggs. Those are marked with a yellow dot on the table of contents tabs. After each of the five tabbed idea lists (meals, soups, salads, treats, breakfasts) I'll include any recipes in that category. 

Note: If anyone is willing to type these up, I'll be happy to post the typed version, so anyone can print and/or edit for themselves. If anyone would like to kindly volunteer, please leave a comment at the end, or use the contact form down on the right side of my blog. Thanks! 

1. Quick Meals for lunch or dinner

My friend who has lived in Europe suggested I send a set of American measuring cups and spoons with Adam on his mission to France so he won't have to convert to the metric system. Good idea! 

I also don't know if Adam will be able to find some of the staple foods I cook with like canned chicken and beef and bouillon (sooo convenient from Costco). But I'm hoping if not, that he can improvise and still have plenty of variety to eat. 

Brown rice is a healthy and cheap staple food. Because it takes a while to cook, I suggested that Adam cook up a double batch on P-day and keep it in the fridge to use during the week.  

Although the original recipe for chicken Hawaiian calls for cream soup, it would be cheaper and healthier to use the homemade gravy instead that's listed in the recipe for mashed potatoes and gravy above. 

This is another recipe that, like brown rice, is super fast to prepare but takes a while to cook. When he has a little more time, he could make a large batch and storing some for later  in the fridge or freezer. If Adam is lucky enough to have a crock pot in one of his apartments, this dish is yummy to come home to. 

Here is the chicken and beef bouillon I like best. It's organic, from Costco, and oh, so yummy! 

2. Soups  

3. Salads

4. Treats

When I said these recipes are healthy, I didn't mean most of the treats. :) 

Any quick bread like banana, blueberry, apple, pumpkin can be made into muffins or a cake, depending on what pans Adam finds in his missionary apartment. 

Wow, I just realized this pumpkin muffin recipe calls for 1 cup of cloves! That's a TYPO. It's actually 1 cup rolled oats. 

OOPS...Thank you to the reader who alerted me that I forgot to list the cocoa in the brownie recipe!  Here is the updated recipe. 

5. Breakfasts 

I added some blank 3x5" cards to the back of the book in case Adam wants to add any more recipes. 

And I've started a page of substitutions in case Adam can't get the food called for in France, as well as conversion to the metric system. Even though I plan on sending him a set of American measuring cups and spoons. :) 


Marianne said...

Thank you! I am running out of time and wanted to do something like this a year ago. But I am happy to copy your idea and it won't be hard to tweak with my son's favorites.
you have saved me!
Thanks for keeping it simple!

Becky Edwards said...

You are very welcome! We missionary moms are busy, so if anything I did helped you save time, I am happy!

Janine said...

Has anyone typed up the recipes yet? If not, I could do that for you!

Becky Edwards said...

Janine, I would LOVE that! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Janine said...

Becky, sorry for not getting back to you. I fell apart after getting back home from dropping my daughter off at the MTC. That was totally unexpected, and thus I was completely unprepared for that emotionally rollercoaster. Also, I just found your reply to my comment. I'm still figuring out this Blogger thing. I typically just look for comments in my email or facebook. But I think I figured out how I stumbled onto your reply. I will get to work on typing up these recipes after the Christmas holidays. We are repairing a leak behind the shower wall and thus remodeling a bathroom the day after Christmas, so I don't dare commit to anything until after that project is done!

Lauralee Chamberlain said...

Becky! I saw this on Pinterest... Clicked on it, only to discover its you!
Fun idea, I don't have a missionary yet... But great idea for college kids

Adri Ruby said...

Thank you so much for these recipes for missionaries. My oldest son has 6 months left in his mission in CA and he recently asked for quick, easy recipes to make. He isn't getting fed much, since he serves with a YSA ward. Your recipes were perfect and saved me a lot of time finding easy ones from my recipe box. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. You are wonderful!

Taylor Despain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taylor Despain said...

Did you happen to type that up?

Becky Edwards said...

Taylor, I did not type them up. I've had a person offer to type them up a while ago but haven't heard back from them about it. Have a great Sabbath!

iINSUREme said...

I saw that you had a son in France? My son just got to the Paris, France mission about 2 weeks ago (in France). And he's desperately looking for ideas. Did you happen to have any recipes that were specific to France?

gmakathy said...

Just stumbled on this. I am a mission nurse and I can tell you your son will be grateful he has this. I try to add a couple of cheap, hopefully healthy, recipes to my monthly note to all the missionaries. I hope you won't mind if I use some of yours?!

Cheri Moss said...

Did anyone ever type these up for you?