Saturday, July 26, 2014

We got a sneak peak tour inside the Ogden LDS Temple last night!

Mike and I got invited to clean up the Ogden LDS Temple grounds last night! 

It was in preparation for a general authority and VIP tour today and public open house next week. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the inside first. W.O.W. Absolutely gorgeous! I could feel myself getting more and more excited to go there often once it opens. The Spirit was strong inside, and it hasn't even been rededicated yet. 

I have a feeling the Ogden temple will become a much sought-after place for weddings, with the grounds prettier than ever, a large reflection pool, and a stunning bride's room, not to mention the temple itself is stunning, inside and out. The dark wood in almost every area of the temple is mahogany from Africa, and the gorgeous golden-toned stone throughout is imported from Egypt. The stained glass windows are absolutely gorgeous. The fabrics and carpets are a fun variety of turquoise and tans, and some chairs seemed to have a metallic silver in the fabric. I loved the beautiful paintings and murals, including ones I had never seen before. You are going to LOVE the beauty of this temple. 

Please invite your friends and neighbors to the open house of this beautiful temple!

As I was picking up little bits of trash in the gorgeous flower beds, an object lesson came into my mind. 

First I didn't have a flashlight, just the landscape lights of the grounds, so I couldn't see the gardens that well. Then I borrowed Mike's cell phone to use as a flashlight. I was amazed that I suddenly started to see pieces of Styrofoam under certain bushes. They must have been packed in foam during transporting. So in order to see and remove the foam I had to do two things: use a light, and look hard by moving the leaves around. 

It reminded me of the scripture in Ether 12:27 - Come unto Christ (shine Christ's light on our lives so we see things as they really are) and I'll show unto men weaknesses. If we humble ourselves and have faith in Christ He will turn our weaknesses into strengths. We need the power of Christ's light and we also need to invest some work in order to remove debris from our lives, repent of our sins, and have our weaknesses turned into strengths. 

Every time I walk into the temple I will pass those beautiful bushes and remember my special moment being taught by the Spirit, of how important it is that we continually strive to make our lives "temple grade" by coming unto Christ and working hard to become like Him. 


vikram said...

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Becky Edwards said...

Dear VKirkam, Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Becky Edwards said...

Dear VKirkam, Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it!