Thursday, August 21, 2014

Family chore hour...prepare to be amazed by what your family can accomplish in one hour a week!

I've been praying for ways to streamline my life to make room for a new busy church calling. Next week I start teaching early morning LDS seminary. During my scripture study recently, the idea popped into my mind to re-start ...


Family chore night is something our family did every week when we had three little ones. We had two teams - the laundry team and the cleaning team, with Mom and Dad each in charge of a team. It was actually pretty fun! We bonded, got a lot of stuff done in about an hour, sang and danced to happy music, and taught our children life skills that too many kids are leaving home without. I REFUSE to let my kids leave home without these skills. 

Here is our new plan.

Now that we have teens, we can have three teams! Mom in charge of one, Dad in charge of one, and our 15-year-old daughter wanted to be her own team. We've experimented and tweaked for about four weeks now and the goal is to get as much done in one hour as you can...and then if we're lucky, to sit around as a family and eat something yummy like ice cream!  

Update: Several weeks after posting this article, I tried a new method of dividing up the chores for family chore night. These craft sticks are still divided into three categories, but we decided to let people choose a chore from any pile. When they're done they put the stick in the appropriate cup and choose another chore. That way everyone works until all the jobs are done. 

We have family home evening lessons on Sundays already, so it works great for us to do this on Monday nights. I've heard of families doing chores together on Saturday morning or Friday after school, and the reward is a fun family activity or free time to play with friends. 

Click here for the Edwards family's five-part housework from a professional organizer. 

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