Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grace's Room Project!

Mwahahaha! I hacked my mom's blog... JK. ;)

Hi Everyone! It's Grace! So, I finally decided it was time to make a post about my room project... Here goes nothing! :) 

OK. First things first. We had to get everything out of my over-packed room... and kind of de-junk as I go... blegh. I will spare you details and pics of that for now... Though there will be pictures of the stuff that was in my room, out of it. 

A view from the top of the stairs... yup. It's a mess.

Boxes. Boxes. And more Boxes. :P 

Here is my Make-shift bed that I had to live with for literally 4 weeks.
I think dad hated it more than I did though. ;) 
Yeah. I know. Four weeks is a looong time to be out of your room... but it makes me happy to have it the way it is. :)

OK, next, I had to tape everything. Twice. Who knew that if you don't clean the base-boards/walls/ceilings well enough, the tape will not stick! Ugh. So frustrating. But! It gave me time to listen to all the Les Mis I wanted... until I got grounded from listening to it because the whole family was tired of it. But, life went on. And the tape finally stuck. Yay!

Yay! Now to the fun part. We get to paint the room! I still hadn't had my birthday party yet for this year, and I told my mom that I wanted my party to be a painting party. So, I had some friends come over and paint... mostly the walls, but also each other. Here are pictures to show you what I mean. I think Kel got it the worst... then Rachel. It was way fun! Only down side is, I still have paint in my hair... Joy. 
Kel was a sport and painted/repainted the yellow wall a ton!

Rachel and John were doing the other yellow wall, and then the blue wall. 

I put Jordan in charge of the pinkish/orangish wall... I thought it fit his hair well. :)

This is after most of it was done... but paint was still being used... just not on the walls.

This was at the end. We all went over to the garden, and Kel biked home.

 We had lots of fun! :) The blue wall wasn't quite finished yet, and I still had to do more coats on the other walls, but it was done so much faster because of these peeps. Thanks, guys! :) 

NOW! The After pictures! I LOVE MY ROOM! :D 

The bedspread is double sided...
I can't decide which one... thoughts?

This is my new bed spread! I love it! :)

I LOVE IT! It looks Fantastic! :)

My new nightstand! I love it! 
My new desk! Thanks mom and dad!

Some of the frames I put up above my closet doors.

OK. Putting it back together was probably the hardest part. It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R. But! Now it's always clean! Which I think mom likes more than me. ;) 

Thanks for everyone's help getting this project done! I couldn't have done it without you!

This is Miss Spaz signing out. Smile Everyone! :) 

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Becky Edwards said...

Grace, you are an adorable blogger-ette! You had me giggling through it all. Love you! - Mom