Thursday, August 21, 2014

List of ideas for kids' money chores

Here's my go-to list when a child wants to earn some money. 

Or if someone disobeyed a rule and needs a consequence, or if a child wants to earn their belonging from the earn-back box. Other ideas for money jobs are here.


Trace said...

Just wanted to come back to tell you that this is a great list.. I was able to adapt quite a bit from it onto our own list... but now I have to ask: What is your purple cleaner?? :)

Becky Edwards said...

Trace, There's a funny story behind our purple cleaner. Our home has a "no soliciting" sign, yet my husband let a salesman in who said he had a doozy of a natural cleaner, and we even watched him lick the straw of the spray bottle. I confess I was a bit perturbed at my husband, because not only did he let the man in, he bought some cleaner. Fast forward a handful of's my favorite multi-purpose cleaner for everything that doesn't need disinfecting. I just did a search and found it on Amazon. It looks pricey but it's super concentrated.

My favorite disinfectant is Shaklee Basic-G which is also a more natural cleaner.