Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our morning and night chore routines

This is the chore routine we have used for years and it has worked great!  

Notice we put the two chore routines to songs. That way family members can sing the song to themselves to see which chore to do next. If I see kids dawdling I say, "Which chore are you on?"  Their ticket to freedom is to come to me and check off the chore list. Because my husband was in the Army, when the kids were little we did the check-off Army style. "Morning prayer." "CHECK." "Breakfast too." "CHECK." Too cute.  

To get started on a chore routine, or when routines change, it can help to use an incentive program like points and a prize each week. I love Miracle Music and highly recommend it. 

In the past few weeks we made a change to remove two daily chores from our morning routine, and do a weekly family chore hour instead. Click here to read about that. 

Click here for the Edwards family's five-part housework from a professional organizer. 

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