Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blessings of families working together

Studies show many benefits of families working side by side. 

"[Family work] develops character, helps us become more self-reliant, teaches honesty, and makes us more aware of what others do for usfostering humility and gratitude. When family members work together they learn how to serve each other and sacrifice for the other.

"According to family scholar Kathleen Slaugh Bahr of Brigham Young University, the real power of family work lies in "its potential to transform lives, to forge strong families, to build strong communities." Bahr argues that if we look beyond the common criticisms of family work - that it is mindless, menial, and demeaning - we can find an unexpected gold mine of opportunity. Some of the things people most commonly dislike about family work, she says, offer us"the greatest possibilities for nurturing close relationships and forging family ties." (Blessings of Family Work, by Vjollca K. Martinson)

If I had time, I could list a hundred reasons I believe it's important to work together and teach children to work. Maybe another post another day...

Click here for the Edwards family's five-part housework from a professional organizer. 

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