Thursday, August 21, 2014


1) Click here to check out our family's morning and evening chores

As a professional organizer, you can imagine I've experimented with a lot of routines. This one has been the best. We've used it for years. 

2) Click here for our magical "earn back box"

You'll love the power of this one simple tool to help your home stay neat and tidy. 

3) Click here for our "liberation from laundry" system 

This is the simple, efficient system I've taught to thousands of mothers. It's so awesome it can turn a closet into a sweet laundry room! Never be overwhelmed by mountains of dirty or to-be-folded laundry again...except maybe when you come home from vacation. Sorry, can't help you there. But vacations are worth it, right? 

4) Click here for our family chore hour...newly restarted last month 

Last month, to lighten our daily morning chores (see number one chart above), we removed garbage and weekly job. Then we added those things to a one-hour family chore hour that we do all together. Add loud dancing music, maybe a treat after, and believe it or not, it's kinda fun!  And I L.O.V.E. how the house looks and feels afterward! 

5) Click here for our money chore list

This is my go-to list when kids want to earn money, earn their belonging from the earn-back box, or if they disobeyed and need a consequence. 

BONUS:  We started a new family tradition of adding a 15-minute family work project some days after our regular morning routine. Click here to check it out.

This is for those periodic projects like cleaning out drawers or the garage, or deep cleaning light fixtures and lamps. 

Click here to see blessings of families working together

It's harder at first than doing the work yourself, but the benefits are just too important to miss! 

I'd love to hear what housework systems work for you! Feel free to leave a comment below. 


Trace said...

Fantastic list! Many thanks!

Rachel said...

Hello, Becky. I love all of your wonderful insights. You are an amazing woman.

I wanted to gently bring to your attention that the quote in the header of your blog that you attribute to Neil L. Anderson was actually first authored by Rachel Jankovic on her blog, found here: . Elder Anderson was quoting her in his conference address:

I'm not trying to split hairs; I just thought you'd prefer to give credit where credit is due.

The Johstoneaux Family said...

How generous of you to share your systems. So many great ideas! I think laundry is the one that I get behind on The most. I think you're right the folding in the running to all the rooms are what makes it take forever

Becky Edwards said...

Rachel, thank you for your kind way of bringing that to my attention. I will fix that. Thank you.

Devin and Megan said...

I'm so excited to implement this into our family!!! Do you do the family chore night every night?

Becky Edwards said...

Hi Megan, we just do family chore night on Monday nights. We have done our family home evening on Sundays for years anyway, so Monday works well for us. Other families do this kind of thing on Saturday mornings. Of course adapt it to fit your family. said...

I love your ideas! We've started a new system at our house for back-to-school, and I'm crossing my fingers we can keep it up! It's so tough to balance everything, but so worth it!

Camille Gillham said...

You sound all organized. I love it and I got to get on it too!

Wendys Hat said...

What a beautiful family and I love that quote! Thanks for sharing these great tips with me.

Katelyn said...

My laundry system is all about tackling it all in one day - I wash EVERYTHING on Mondays. I fold and sort on Tuesday. And put away on Wednesday. And then I'm done doing laundry until the next week. Works for me!

Becky Edwards said...

Thanks for your great comments, everyone!

Katelyn, your system is perfect because it works perfectly well for you and your family! That's the beauty of creating a system that works just for you.