Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The magic of the earn-back your home almost tidy itself!

This box works wonders at our house. 

After our morning and evening chores, if the kids have left out personal belongings, I toss them in this box. 

They have to do an extra chore to earn back each item. Once in a while, usually on a Saturday, I warn the kids, "By the end of today anything you didn't earn back goes to the DI (Deseret Industries, a local thrift store)." 

Sometimes I do the kids and myself a favor by gathering all the loose items from the main floor and tossing them in a pile in the living room. Then I warn them that in five minutes I'll be using the earn-back bin. 

It's like a sprint race. I love it. Suddenly the floor, and the house, is tidy again. And my brain feels clear again. And when Mom has a clear brain, everything else seems happier. 

I keep a running list of chore ideas just for this purpose. 


Yesterday my son didn't make that deadline, but his pink tie from his sister's wedding reception was in I let him do four jobs to earn it back instead of one. 

I mean, I just couldn't bear to part with that sentimental pink tie. And neither could he. 

Click here for the Edwards family's five-part housework from a professional organizer. 


Margarita Beltran said...

Thanks Becky. I am going to try this with my kids and see how it works for us.

Trace said...

Love this idea! I'm going to try it. I'm looking forward to reading your list of extra chores that you have compiled!

Becky Edwards said...

Trace, thank you for reminding me! I've gotten busy with other things and forgot to post those extra chores. I just posted several posts about chores and housework systems. Enjoy!

Trace said...

OOOOH!!! It was DEFINITELY worth the wait!! :) You're awesome, as is your blog! Thank you!