Friday, September 12, 2014

17 Points of the Christ's True Church according to the Bible

According to the Bible, Christ's true church will....

1. Will recognize the Holy Trinity as separate Persons. Will Know the identity of God (Father), Jesus Christ (Son) and the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Jesus Christ will be recognized as Head of the Church.

2. Will accept the Holy Bible in its entirety of which some parts of the record are missing.

3. Will contain the same offices. Twelve apostles are mandatory. Prophets, teachers, elders, evangelists, bishops, deacons, high priests, saints.

4. Officers will be "Called of God." College degree or license insufficient. Royal Priesthood. Can be married.

5. Will have an unpaid Ministry.

6. Members will be workers in the Church. Women included in activities.

7. Baptism will be mandatory. Probably by immersion. Must be authorized.

8. Will believe in the Virgin Birth.

9. Will believe in literal resurrection.

10. Will honor Sunday as the Sabbath.

11. Will receive continuous revelation.

12.  Will be payer of tithes.

13. Will partake of the Sacrament of the Lord.

14. Will believe in immortality and a heaven and a hell.

15. Will have miraculous occurrences, healings, visions, tongues, prophecies.

16. Will teach that Jesus Christ will come again.

17. Will be persecuted for beliefs.  

In seminary we shared the story of Floyd Weston and his friends who went on a search years ago for the Lord's true Church. With a lot of Bible studying, they came up with this list of requirements that the church must have to be the same church Jesus had.  Eventually they found it. It's the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here is an audio CD of Floyd Weston telling his own story.  And here is a book based on the story.

Here is my version of the list. 

When I read the book several years ago I enjoyed spending my daily scripture time studying and typing notes for each of the scriptures in the appendix that went along with the 42 points (more than 17 had been added by others later). It really boosted my testimony. My list now looks like this. You can print this scripture-size version here. 

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