Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adam's dream-come-true 18th birthday!

Adam turned18! And it's only seven weeks until his mission in Paris, France...

He started the day with his breakfast of choice. Blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon, and eggs smothered in cheese. 

Then he got a dream come true... an organ lesson from Mormon Tabernacle Choir organist Bonnie Goodliffe! 

Adam's lesson was in the basement of the Assembly Hall on LDS Temple Square. Beautiful. 

Last month he had another dream come true. 
He got to play the organ at the famous LDS conference center!  

Bonnie is the teacher helping him figure out all those five levels of keys and stops (stops are those buttons on the sides). This happened at a BYU organ workshop. She is the longest standing Tabernacle organist.  

Adam got Rick Elliot's autograph, a famous Mormon Tabernacle organist. 

We've never been to the floor of the conference center before. The organ pipes are massive from this view. 

We spent Adam's birthday evening shopping for mission clothes. 

That's a LOT of decisions all at once for a young man who doesn't like shopping. But he did great. 

I highly recommend Holmes Clothing in Ogden or Brigham City, Utah. They cater to missionaries. 

The highlight of the night was Adam being ordained an Elder. 

Grandparents came to be part of Adam's special moment, and we enjoyed telling Adam what we love about him. Birthday tributes are a fun Edwards family tradition.  

Adam, Mike, Grandpa Balderree, Grandpa Edwards, and our stake high councilor. 

It looked like Adam finally got taller than his dad...until we realized his hair made that last bit of difference. Mike is still slightly taller. For a minute. 

And the icing on the cake...

Adam became an Eagle Scout the very next day!  His Eagle court of honor will be next month, but tonight he passed his board of review. So it's official! Y.E.S.!

Here's Adam's friend birthday party a few days ago.

An Edwards birthday party tradition is guests making their own pizzas with homemade dough. 

A mean game of Spaz Uno. 

I told Adam he was glad Mike went to buy party food and not me. I never would have bought that much junk! 

One last fun memory for Mom. 

Last week I took Adam to the movie Hundred Foot Journey because it's about France's gorgeous landscape and culture. It's also about gorgeous food. Adam must have felt inspired by it, because the next day he made me the most beautiful chef salad lunch I've ever had.  I loved it. 

I sure do love this boy. I'm really gonna miss him when he leaves on his mission. But I wouldn't want him anywhere else. Sigh...

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Margarita Beltran said...

Every time I read your blog I smile. I just love your family Becky. I am so excited for Adam ��