Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Videos and a Study Chart about Personal Revelation

In seminary we've been studying personal revelation. We are so blessed that God still communicates with His children. Here are three videos I used in my lesson plans recently.  

Voice of the Spirit 

Patterns of Light: Spirit of Revelation

Receiving Revelation: Power of the Holy Spirit

And here is the chart my students filled out this morning. 

I invite you to spend a scripture study session or two filling one out for yourself. Or use it for an FHE lesson with older kids. 

You'll likely have some fun epiphanies and feel the Spirit like we did. 

Here's how we did it. In small groups, they took turns reading the scriptures and quotes and then write down a truth or principle about personal revelation in the blank box next to it.  We had a fabulous discussion afterward of the principles they found, how they can apply them, and experiences they shared of receiving and following promptings. Beautiful. 

Here are some more great quotes about personal revelation. 


Debbie :) said...

I can't access the chart... it says I need permission. Thanks!

Becky Edwards said...

Debbie, Sorry! I'm kinda new at creating Google docs, and I tend to forget to make the documents share-able. I fixed it. If it doesn't work this time, please let me know! I hope next time I'll remember to make the document share-able the first time!