Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When you have a question for God: 19 Power-packed questions to help you "learn for yourself"

This week in seminary we're reviewing Joseph Smith's First Vision story.  

He teaches us some actions each of us can take when we need answers for ourselves. (See Joseph Smith-History 1:5-20.)

"I Have Learned For Myself" Checklist:

1.   Have I given the matter serious reflection?

2.   Are my feelings deep and often poignant?

3.   Have I given it enough time?

4.   Have I become partial? Come to my own conclusion?

5.   Have I done my homework? Paid the price?

6.   Can I come to a certain conclusion any other way?

7.   How often have I pondered and asked?

8.   Have I labored to get an answer?

9.   Have I gone to the scriptures for answers?

10. Have I acted on clues or hints found in the scriptures?

11. Will ridicule or reviling make what I know to be true become false?

12. Can the world make me think otherwise?

13. Do I fear offending God more than man?

14. Have I prayed vocally?

15. Have I found a place without interruption?

16. Have I knelt in prayer?

17. Have I offered up the desires of my heart?

18. Do I have a specific object in mind? Pray specifically?

19. Am I prepared to receive an answer I haven’t yet conceived? 

Shared with permission from Eric Richards' Scripture Teaching Ideas

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