Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Emma Smith is my hero.

Tomorrow in seminary we are studying Emma Smith and D&C 25

Here are two videos that show Emma's incredible faith, courage, and love. 

What impresses you most about Emma Smith? 

D&C 25 is the only section given specifically to a woman. It also is directed to all women. There is beautiful counsel and promises given to Emma, and to me and you. 


  • Murmur not
  • Comfort and console 
  • Do not fear
  • Lay aside the things of the world 
  • Lift up your heart and rejoice 
  • Cleave unto your covenants 
  • Beware of Pride
  • Let thy soul delight in thy husband
  • Keep the commandments


  • Go with him as he travels and be his scribe
  • Make a selection of sacred hymns to be sung in church


  • She will receive the Holy Spirit
  • She will gain knowledge
  • She will receive blessings
  • Her husband will support her
  • Her husband’s glory shall come upon him

Is there a particular counsel to Emma that you'd like to improve in your own life? 

Just as Emma used great faith in her challenges, here is a video that shows how faith in Christ helps us through challenges today. 

What ways has faith in Christ helped you through challenging times?  What can you do today to build your faith? 

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