Thursday, October 16, 2014

Take a three-day holy music challenge! And an FHE lesson idea.

This is the challenge I gave my seminary students today. I invite you to take the challenge too! 

For the next three days: 
  • Listen to only holy music -- music that invites the Holy Spirit -- and notice what difference it makes. 
  • Of course times of silence is good too, because the Spirit whispers quietly. 
  • Use holy music especially during times of the day that tend to be stressful or contentious, or when children tend to argue or bug each other.  
  • Besides any holy music you already own, here are several free ways  to listen to holy music anytime and anyplace with a computer or mobile device.
  • And of course singing hymns or primary songs works too, by yourself or with others! We love doing this in the car, which otherwise tends to be a place of kids arguing. But after singing several verses, the Spirit fills the car and there is harmony. *Big smile on mom's face*  
  • Be sure to write down what you notice. My seminary class already noticed these results: more peaceful, calm, getting more done, happy, joy, less stressed, less fighting, more focused. 
  • Once your three days is done, ask yourself if you should make any changes in your music habits. Set a goal, and do it! 

Family home evening idea!
  • I also invite you to give a family home evening lesson about music! Here are a few ideas. You could even use one idea several weeks in a row. 
  • Using these music quotes, invite your family to take turns reading the quotes and sharing their thoughts. 
  • You could also have your family open a hymn book to the preface and count how many blessings are promised when we use holy music. You could even mark it like you mark your scriptures. (The preface is here too. I counted 22 many did you count?)  
  • Read several scriptures about how to discern good and bad music: Articles of Faith 1:13, Moroni 7:12-17, D&C 50:23-25
  • Read and mark the music and media sections in For the Strength of Youth. 
  • Share your own experiences, thoughts and feelings of using holy music and avoiding music that repels the Spirit. Share your testimony of why our music choices matter to God. 
  • You could end by making a plan with your family to holy music a bigger part of your everyday lives. 

I'd love to hear your results in comments below!

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Jenni Young said...

I have absolutely seen the huge impact it has made in my life and my children's! We have just had the hymns in my car lately and my children love it! And they are 13 & 11 years old! My son, Spencer, was with his dad this past weekend in his car, listening to some type of heavy rock/metal and Spencer told me how uncomfortable it was making him. He spoke up and asked his dad to please turn the music off. His dad challenged him and Spencer courageously said we only listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I don't want to listen to anything else. I can't imagine the shock he and his wife experienced hearing that come from his mouth! I was shocked when Spencer told me! My children have really noticed how much closer the good music brings them to the spirit and are very aware of how good it feels! As a mom, there isn't a better feeling than to see this level of understanding and desire in my children's hearts! Especially at this age when it's probably not the "coolest" choice to make.... I love your challenge, Becky, and stand behind you on it! It increases spirituality, increases peace and strengthens our commitment to be Christ's people!