Monday, November 3, 2014

A great quote from David O. McKay about the purpose of education

A man may possess a profound knowledge of history and mathematics; he may be an authority in psychology, biology, or astronomy; he may know all the discovered truths pertaining to geology and natural science; but if he has not with this knowledge that nobility of soul which prompts him to deal justly with his fellow men, to practice virtue and holiness in his personal life, he is not truly an educated man.
Character is the aim of true education; and science, history, and literature are but means used to accomplish the desired end. Character is not the result of chance work but of continuous right thinking and right acting.

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Marni Hall said...

I read the other day that "namaste" means "I bow to the divine I you." Beautiful! Too bad "hello" doesn't mean the same to make it easier to remember that.