Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas videos I'm showing my seminary class tomorrow

This post is for my fellow seminary teacher friends in case they need last minute ideas for their Christmas lesson. 

I'm excited for seminary tomorrow! It's our last day before Christmas break. We're having food, listening to students do musical numbers, talks and testimonies, and a few videos. We're handing out blank ornaments at the beginning, and letting the kids decorate them with colored pencils and write their name on the front. I'll ask them to think of a special gift they can give the Savior and write it on the back. Sometime during the program, between talks or musical numbers or videos, they can come and tape it to our cardstock Christmas tree. 

This will be our prelude music. O Holy Night by Piano Guys. I love the background made to look like old Jerusalem. 

Angels We Have Heard on High. The world's largest nativity with Piano Guys, David Archuleta, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and many YouTubers. I have friends who helped with this project and it is amazing! 

Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus Christ. 

What Shall We Give? 

He is the Gift. This year's new 2014 Christmas Mormon Message. 

These are videos I won't have time to show my class, but I love them so I'll include them here. 

I'm Holding You. My beautiful neighbor is the star of this Mormon Message. It's based on a true story, but it's NOT her story. She's just an actress in it. 

The Coat. Based on a true story about Heber J. Grant. 

Peace is Possible: The Christmas Truce of 1914. This Christmas marks the 100 year anniversary of this Christmas miracle during WWI. 

The Old Shoemaker.

Other ideas that we'll be using tomorrow. 

My little gift for my seminary students. 
A candy cane with a poem about its symbolism about the Savior. 

Blank card stock ornaments to decorate and write what gift you'll give to Jesus. 
Blank ornaments.

Christmas break reading challenge. Ideas for how to keep reading over the break. 

Our Christmas celebration went great! Here are a few highlights. 

A brother and sister pair did O Holy Night in American Sign Language. It was beautiful. 
Three girls sang Breath of Heaven, accompanied by a boy.
One girl did a beautiful rendition in ASL. 

We borrowed a laminated tree from the library and used it to tape our ornaments where the kids wrote their gifts to the Savior. At the end of class they took their ornament home. 

At the end of class we got in a big circle for our gift exchange. We used the right and left story below. Lots of laughs!

Here is the "right and left" game we played for our gift exchange at the end of class. 

The Right Family Christmas Story Christmas was almost here and Mother RIGHT was finishing the Christmas baking. Father RIGHT, Susie RIGHT, and Billy RIGHT returned from their last minute Christmas errands. 

"There's not much LEFT to be done," said Father RIGHT as he came into the kitchen. "Did you leave the basket of food at Church?" asked Mother RIGHT? "I LEFT it RIGHT where you told me to," said Billy RIGHT." "I don't have any money LEFT." 

The hall telephone rang, and Susie RIGHT LEFT to answer it. She rushed back and told the family, "Aunt Tillie RIGHT LEFT a package for us RIGHT on Grandma RIGHT's porch. I'll go over there RIGHT now and get it," she said as she LEFT in a rush. Father RIGHT LEFT the kitchen and brought in the Christmas Tree. 

By the time Susie RIGHT returned, Mother RIGHT, Father RIGHT, and Billy RIGHT had begun trimming the tree. The entire RIGHT family sang carols as they finished the decorating. Then they LEFT all the presents arranged under the tree and went to bed, hoping they had selected the RIGHT gifts for their family. 

Now I hope you have the RIGHT present for yourself, because that's all that's LEFT of our story, except to wish you a Merry Christmas, isn't that RIGHT?

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