Monday, December 8, 2014

Cool object lesson about testimony

(I believe this object lesson idea originally came from John Hilton.) 

There are many levels of testimony:
I hope it’s true . . .
I think it’s true . . .
I believe it’s true . . .
I know it’s true . . .

For example, what if we told you that your ring finger is less flexible than your other fingers? 

Do you hope, think, believe, or know that is true? What is the only way to move from “hope” to “know”? We must experiment and test it out. Do the following:

1. Put your hands together, palm to palm

2. Keeping your palms together, see if you can separate your pointer fingers. Can you do it? Good, now keeping your palms together fold your pointer fingers over.

3. With your palms together and pointer fingers folded over, try to separate your pinkey fingers. Can you do it? Good. Now fold those over.

4. What about your thumbs, and your middle finger? Good. Fold those over.
5. Now with your palms firmly pressed together and all your fingers folded over except your ring finger, try to separate your ring fingers from each other. Interesting, isn’t it?

So how many of you now “know” your ring finger is less flexible than your others? 

Gaining a witness of spiritual things is much the same: When we first experiment and act in obedience, then the testimony comes.

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