Monday, January 19, 2015

Are cell phones linked to cancer?

Dr. Mercola has been preaching this for years. 

You can read about this from Dr. Mercola here and here. He knows it's not realistic for the entire population to throw away their cell phones; we're too dependent on them. but he has guidelines to minimize exposure which would reduce cancer risk. He also strongly recommends children not use cell phones because their risk is so much higher. If it took the government 200 years to label cigarettes as being linked to cancer, wouldn't it be smart to to listen to what the experts are saying? 

Here are three videos that show the connection between cell phones and cancer. 

I don't like thinking about this, because I use electronics a lot. I have not done much research myself into how to significantly reduce exposure, other than not to carry my phone in my pocket. 

But my friend has done a lot of research. With her permission, below are her suggestions. I'd like to start using some of these ideas in our family.  

  1. We turn off the breaker in our bedrooms at night so that our bodies can have a break from fast paced (man made) electrical fields, which can knock electrons off of our atoms and cause us to be overly acidic.
  2. We got rid of our cell phones and bought a corded home phone.  This helped us with EMF's AND helped us give more attention to the people we are with.  We may get a police grade walk talky for the car for emergencies.  They don't send out constant signals like cell phones do.  Cell phones send out signals even when they are off.  The only way to stop the signal is to put them on airplane mode.
  3. We plugged our computer in with an either net cord and got rid of wifi.
  4. We don't have a wireless signal from our computer to our TV (Netflix).  In fact, we on't have a TV for many reasons.
  5. We have a few Stetzerizer filters in the plugs of our home to help neutralize the overriding electricity that is coming in from the street.
  6. We put our computer all the way across the room from where we type (distance) and use a corded keyboard and mouse. (We found that Macs have less radiation than PC's.)
  7. We use grounding mats when we sleep at night, and when we sit at the computer (  These help a lot.
  8. We got rid of all of our florescent lights. They give out notably high EMF's.
  9. We go outside and put our feet on the ground (grounding) often so that the earths healing electrical field can help to neutralize the free radicals that man made EMF's cause.   One time the EMF's were especially strong at a grocery store so Terrell took off his flip flops and walked barefoot on the cement floor.  The earths electrical field gave him electrons to help neutralize the acids that the electricity and florescent lights were causing, He stopped shaking and his body calmed down. Nobody said anything.  (The earths electrical field can go through cement but not wood plastic, or rubber.)
I could go on but the easiest thing to do is to create distance (head sets, speaker phones, not carrying around electrical devices on your body,…) It's amazing what you will do when you can actually feel the EMF's and how damaging  man-made ones are. They are affecting all of us even though we usually can't tell.  Although, many illnesses can be caused by man-made EMF's that we don't realize are coming from that source.  

I wish you could all see my husband when he goes into a high man-made EMF building like Wal-mart.  Church buildings are not far behind.  His hands start to shake and his insides start having a panic attack.  Since our bodies are electrical, going into these areas is like trying to listen to a car radio while we are under a power line. The two electrical fields cause static interference.  It's the same with our bodies, but the man-made electrical fields are stronger and have a much higher hertz, so they over power our body signals and cause dis-ease.  

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Anonymous said...

There are stickers at a company called that offer protection. Green Smoothie Girl sells for them. When I tested them, it came out that there was 95% protection. Dr. Cohn told me to get two stickers for each iphone. The "Neutralizer" is another brand I've muscle tested that seemed good and I think those might even be cheaper if you buy in bulk.