Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Elder Scott's and my testimony of Christ's Atonement

Here is Elder Scott bearing a beautiful testimony of Christ's Atonement. 

Click here if the video isn't playing. 

Yesterday in seminary we read Joseph Smith's powerful testimony of Jesus Christ in Doctrine and Covenants 76:20-24. Then we watched a video of other modern prophets bearing testimony of Christ. The Spirit was strong in class and reconfirmed to me for the zillionth time that Jesus is the living Christ. Then we each took some time to write which truth about Christ we are most grateful for. I wrote about His Atonement. 

Here is my testimony of Christ's Atonement. 

I can't begin to imagine my life without Christ's Atonement. I know that because of the repentance part of His infinite gift, I can be forgiven of my sins, feel the sweetness of the Spirit again, and become worthy to return to live with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and my family forever in joy. I can choose to have a fresh start any moment, day or night, any time I choose to reach out and use His Atonement. Because Christ washes my soul clean again I can enjoy all the fruits of the Spirit - love, peace, joy, light, truth, and more. I can also enjoy the gifts of the Spirit including personal revelation, which makes life sweet and guided and purposeful and protected. Because of the resurrection part of the Atonement I can be resurrected too, and receive an absolutely perfect body with no sickness. 

Because of the grace part of Christ's Atonement, over time and with asking and effort, my weaknesses can become strengths, and I can do and become more than I ever could on my own. Because of the forgiveness part of the Atonement, I can forgive and let go of hurts and move forward with peace in my heart. Because of the succoring part of the Atonement I know that whatever I am suffering Christ totally understands because He has been there, so He knows how to succor and comfort me. 

Because of the healing part of the Atonement I can receive Christ's healing power in my soul, my body, my emotions, my spirit, my relationships, my finances, my thinking, whatever needs correcting and healing. Because of the endurance part of the Atonement, I'm given power to hang in there during a challenge that's not meant to be healed yet because the growth and learning of the trial hasn't been finished yet. The Atonement is like an umbrella that covers it all. Because of Christ there is always hope. Because of the Atonement the entire plan of salvation has power and works. Without it, the plan would fail. 

That is my testimony of why I am thankful every day that Jesus Christ suffered for me and for you. I invite us to take full advantage of Christ's Atonement every single day. 

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