Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My new visiting teaching removable quote method

See this nifty little dollar store frame? I'm about to work some magic with it. 

See, I have a visiting teaching sister who doesn't want a monthly visit but she's great about letting us drop by to give her a little something. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

My friend printed a bunch of cute 4x6" memes for me from the most recent General Conference. They're super easy to find online. My plan is to choose one quote meme each month and bring it to each of my sisters' homes, so they can pull out the old quote and put in the new. The frame is great because it's easy to exchange pictures, and it can stand horizontally or vertically. I got mine from Dollar Tree. 

Now I'll always have an excuse to stop by and drop something off, and that something will be a spiritual quote from conference! 

Here is another way to bring General Conference to your sisters It's a one-page double-sided summary of all the talks. You can give that along with a checklist challenge to read each talk between now and the next conference session in April. The list starts in November, but it only has one talk a week, so it would be easy to catch up by reading two or three talks a week. Or listen in the morning while getting ready for the day using the Gospel Library app on your phone. 

Click here to get the checklist challenge "22 Weeks of General Conference" from Little LDS Ideas.

What are your methods to reach visiting teaching sisters who don't want a formal visit but could still use some friendship and TLC? 

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Melissa said...

I have a sister I visit who doesn't want a formal visit, such a great idea!