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Scripture mastery games

I found most of these games from, where Jenny gathered the games from multiple sources. The notes are from the person who posted each game. Update: We played the first games this morning, the first day of second semester. They were fun! 


Give each student a 3X5 card and have them write the reference to the SM they “own” (have chosen ahead of time to teach the class) at the top. Now they each choose 5 important words from their scripture to be come the forbidden words and write these below the reference.
Teacher gathers the cards and places them in a pile face down.
Divide into teams.
One player from team one becomes the clue giver, takes a game card from the pile and shows it to the teacher.
Set the timer for 30 seconds.
He then gives clues to his team members while they try to guess which SM reference is written at the top of the card. He may not use numbers, hand gestures, or any of the 5 forbidden words written below on the card. The teacher makes sure none of the forbidden words are said.
If the team guesses correctly, another card is drawn by the same clue giver and play continues until the timer rings.
A point is awarded for every card they guessed correctly.
If a forbidden word is used, play is stopped for that round and no points are awarded for that card.
My class playing scripture mastery Taboo.

Scripture Samurai

Scripture Samurai is one of my favorite Scripture Mastery Games ever. It is especially good for students to learn the key words associated with each scripture mastery. To play you need to get a pool noodle and cut it in half. That will be your Samurai sword. Arrange the tables to face each other in whatever shape, according to how many students you have. If you have a small class, two tables facing each other, and if you have a large class, you could have 5 tables in a pentagon shape with 5 students at each table. The samurai will be in the middle of the tables. The desks should be cleared of everything (including scriptures) unless they still need their book marks to know the references. In front of each student needs to be a paper hanging from his spot with a reference like, D&C 25:15. The teacher starts it by calling out someone’s key words. The person with that reference written in front of their desk needs to call out another person’s key words before the samurai hits their DESK (not student) with the noodle. Then the student with the scripture associated with those key words needs to call another’s key words… If the student’s desk is hit before another’s key words are said, then the samurai sits in their spot and that person becomes the new samurai. There will be one more student than spots to sit and you can only do as many spots (and scripture references) as you have students (maximum 25).
You can change things up a little bit by having students all move one chair to the right.

My class playing scripture mastery Samurai. The current Samurai is my daughter. You can't see the intimidating sword she's's a half swimming noodle. Very fun! 

The Toilet Paper Game

My class did the Toilet Paper game last week and LOVED it. I got the idea from some ‘minute to win it’ post. I had two rolls of toilet paper hanging on a straight [horizontal] pole at the front of the class. I had about two feet of the tissue hanging down from each roll with a jingle bell attached at the bottoms. While one side of the class chased to find the scripture I read, the other side of the class shot rubber bands at their roll of toilet paper. The first team to have their jingle bell hit the floor wins! Lots of fun!!
I’m assuming that once the team has all found the scripture mastery passage, the shooting team stops and begins chasing a new passage while the other team shoots at their tissue roll.  Sounds like so much fun! 

Fruit Basket Upset

(This is a favorite game!) Prepare cards that say things like: “move 2 chair to the Right” “move 2 chair to the left” “move 4 chairs to the left” “move 3 chairs to the right” “chairs #1 and #4 switch places” “winner chooses any chair” “fruit basket upset (everyone switches places)” Etc.
Arrange the chairs in a circle and divide the circle in half (i.e. with masking tape on the floor –or just by separating into two semi-circles). Label the two chairs at the “top” of the circle (one chair from each team) as the #1 chair. Continue numbering down both sides until you reach the “bottom” of the circle. Something like this (depending on the number of student):
Each side (team) will need a set of reference cards. Have each side divvy up the reference cards in a random manner, but as equal as possible. Depending on how many SM’s you want to use, each student may have one, two or three, or more SM references in their hand. Tell the students that the SM they are holding actually belong to the chair they are sitting on. They are not to take their SM references with them as they move; they are to leave them on the seat. Give each team only one set of scriptures.
To play, the teacher starts reading a SM. The student on each team with that particular SM reference card, grabs the team scriptures and looks up the SM. The first (of the two) to locate the SM and stand up, receives a point (provided he located the correct scripture). Keep a point tally for each semi-circle.
After every other clue, have the winning person also draw a movement card. All students (both teams) do as indicated on the card. Remember, the reference cards must stay on the chair—don’t take them with you. Therefore, students will be moving to a new seat with new reference cards for which they are responsible.
(Note: the movement my force some students from the winning side to move to the losing side and vice versa!) Continue play until all 25 SM’s have been read (or until a set time). The students get to choose a candy bar (or whatever prize) according to the pecking order of the seat they ended up in.
The #1 chair of the side with the most points gets to choose first, followed by the #2 chair of the winning side, etc. After everyone from the winning side has picked, then chair #1 of the losing side chooses, chair #2, etc.

Toss the Dice
The teacher picks a student to start off. The teacher says a SM clue or shows a SM flash card. The student has to say the correct scripture reference. A student rolls the die. Whatever number comes, you count people to the right of the first student picked.
For example, if the roll of the die comes up 4, you count 4 people to the right of the first student picked.
It is now their turn to say the correct reference when the teacher gives the clue. Roll the die again. Whatever number comes up – count that same number of people to the right of the previous person, and so forth until all 25 scripture mastery verses have been used.

Muffin Tin Tiddly Winks

Divide class into teams of 3-4 students. Prepare a muffin tin for each team by placing a round piece of paper in the bottom of each cup with arbitrary point values (both positive and negative points). Make the points similar for each team’s muffin tin. Give each student a quarter and begin reading the SM that you want them to locate. (You can read fast or slow, depending on the length of the SM). After they find the scripture, they flip the quarter with their thumbs into one of the muffin cups. If it doesn’t go in, they can try again and again until you are finished reading the verse. If they get it in early, they can help teammates locate the scripture.
When you are done reading the verse, say “stop” and each team add (or subtracts) the point values that their quarters landed in.

Reference Ball

Obtain a ball (a child’s smooth, bouncy, ball ~8”-10” in diameter—like the ones you buy from the tall bins at discount stores). Write all 25 SM references randomly on the ball with a permanent marker. Begin by tossing the ball to a student. He catches the ball and then looks to see which references his thumbs are touching. He must then give the key words of the SM scripture (or quote the scripture) of one or the other reference that his thumbs are touching. He then passes the ball to another student.
A teacher shared the following [with John Bushman]: “I found an idea that has worked REALLY well in my class and thought I would share. I was finding several of my students were lacking in their SM knowledge, even though we had been working on it every week. So I got a soccer ball. On the ball I have written the 25 key words. Every morning we have been tossing the ball around. When you catch the ball, whatever key words your right thumb lands on, the student says the keywords and then needs to say the reference. I have noticed the response time is quickened with the repetition!”

Scripture Mastery Spoons

Blind Flippers
Goal: Find the scripture mastery scripture as fast as possible with your eyes closed, receiving flipper clues from your partner.
- Scriptures
- Chalkboard or whiteboard for keeping score
– Score one point for each partnership that finds the scripture mastery verse(s) within a certain time limit OR
– Score one point for the first two or three partnerships to find the scripture mastery verse(s)
How To Play:
  • Divide the class into 4-6 partnerships
  • Give a scripture mastery clue or begin reading the verse(s) out loud
  • One person (flipper) must keep their eyes closed while flipping the pages of their scriptures
  • The other person tells the flipper to turn back or forward
  • Based on how you choose to score, give points to the appropriate teams
  • Give the next clue
  • After every 2 or 3 scriptures, have the other person in the partnership be the flipper
Key Word Matching Race
So you get 25 3×5 cards and make sure they are all the same color of card (because these days they are in colors and not just white) and you want to cut them in half and write the keys words on one card and the reference on the other.  I lay these all out on a table and I have the key words and their reference sitting on top of each other, so I have the 25 references on the table.  All the kids have to go into a designated cell.  You can mark this off however you want to.  You just need to make sure that they are all behind a certain line until you say go. I then have an area that is several feet away from the cell and I take as many references as I have kids and I drop them all over the floor.  Not together, just each card all over the floor.  So I have ten kids and so I spread 5 scripture masteries, because that is ten cards (one for each kid playing) all over the floor.  

When i say go, they all run to their card and start yelling out what their card says.  So one might find a card that says 1 Nephi 3:7, I start yelling out that reference and I am looking for my “partner” who has “I will go and do” or whatever the official key words are on their bookmark.  

Then the two of them run to another designated place, again many feet away, and they have to run together, like locking arms, you can’t save a spot for your partner.  And then I have point values.  So the first team that gets there might get 200 points the second 150 points and so on down.  You can totally do whatever points you want.  We have an auction every trimester and so the kids get points toward that.  But you could just add up points for the day and have a winner or winners (because their could easily be a tie) or whatever.  [T]his game gets [students] saying the reference or key words over and over.  And as they hand me their cards back so I can keep them in pairs, I make them say the match to whatever they have.  So if one had picked up the card “I will go and do,” when they hand it back to me, they have to say, “1 Nephi 3:7″  again, just to get them repeating it over and over.  This game gets their hearts pumping.  We play lots of physical games in seminary and I tell them that I am helping the fulfill the newest requirement in the For The Strength of the Youth on physical exercise.  Hahaha!!  Anyway, its a great game and a favorite for sure!

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