Saturday, February 7, 2015

A great two-sided handout to help you talk with your kids about pornography

Update:  I posted this handout before reading through it thoroughly or using it in family home evening myself. We did use it tonight. I decided it's better as something for parents to read and discuss together, and then decide which things to share with their children. Although when I mentioned this after our FHE, my 15-year-old daughter disagreed. She thought for teenagers it is a good approach to read through it as a family and discuss it like we did. My kids at home are all teens. The book at the bottom of the post is what I highly recommend for younger children. 

Thanks to one of my blog readers who sent me this great handout to help you talk with your kids about pornography. It was created by The Togetherness Project. I'm printing a copy for each family member and we're discussing it for family home evening. Talking about pornography with family members is not a one-time thing. It needs to be an open conversation over time.  

Click here to download and print the handout. 

Click here for a post called: An LDS bishop and lawyer answers: "How can parents protect their children from pornography?"

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a children's story book that makes it easy and comfortable to open up the pornography conversation with young kids. I highly recommend it. 

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