Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chocolate comfort food storage with a Food Saver

Although I like to eat healthy and cook from scratch, I love the idea of having comfort foods in our food storage.

One of my favorites is natural semi-sweet chocolate chips from Costco. 51% cocao and real vanilla. Yum. One 4.5 pound bag fits in three quart jars. That's about 4 cups, or two 12-ounce bags per jar. I'm thinking they may be easier to ration if I use smaller jars next time.

Chocolate chips are supposed to last for years once they're sealed air-tight with a Food Saver. I have friends who do this with M&Ms or Hershey kisses, buying them on the after-holiday sales. Those wouldn't last in my house. 

I also buy raw almonds in bulk. The Food Saver is a great way to make them last longer too. 

Mmmmm, chocolate and almonds. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 

Click here for a post about bottling spices with a Food Saver. 


Lila Brennan said...

these are really good food saver for storing and preserving chocloate for long time.

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