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14 Ideas to Find More Money for Food Storage

Do you own a cell phone?  

Is it a cell phone with internet? Does your family own several internet phones?  Do you have an ipad, tablet,video game system, or large flat-screen TV? Do you subscribe to cable, satellite, or dish TV?  Have you taken your family to Disneyland? 

Now, does your family have a year supply of food storage? 

Did you know that a year supply of wheat for one person bought in bags from the LDS cannery is less than $100, which is less than the average cell phone bill for a month. Did you know that the LDS Church has made it easier than ever to get prepared? They'll ship certain food storage foods right to your home for a minimal shipping fee.

Order form for LDS cannery. Click on image to make it larger. This is the order form for locations with self-packaging opportunities. 

After answering these questions, we can see that preparedness is a lot about priorities, isn't it? 

Here's what my friend said about finding money for preparedness as a single mother. 

“As a single mom, with very little income, I have built my years supply of food storage and water. I live in a very small home. We have buckets of food and cases of water shoved under beds and packed tightly into our closets. My kids dress well, thanks to thrift stores and they play one sport a year on the city team. When you exercise your faith and choose to be obedient, it all works out and there is no excuse!”

Here are fourteen ideas to find more money for food storage. 

 (The first seven ideas below are adapted from counsel given by Vaughn J. Featherstone, "Food Storage," Conference Report, April 1976)

1. Spend 25-50% of what you usually spend on Christmas and other gifts.  Spend the rest on food storage. 

2. Don’t buy new clothes or furniture until you have your year supply of food storage. 

3. Cut the amount you spend on recreation in half until food storage. Do free or inexpensive fun things as a family instead. How about the monthly bills for technology gadgets and satellite TV? How about borrowing movies from the library instead going to the theater? 

4. Decide you won’t have a family vacation until food storage.

5. Sell items like a boat, camper, snowmobile, camper, four wheelers, or cabin to make money for food storage.

6. Watch ads and stock up when prices are low. 

7. Eat less meats, fast foods, restaurant meals, prepared foods, pizza, and cold cereal.  Eat more foods cooked from scratch, food storage recipes, garden produce, breakfast options cheaper than cold cereal.


8. Use a cash budget like Dave Ramsey recommends.

9. Use free or low-cost containers for food storage. Soda or juice bottles, used buckets, canning jars, reusing #10 cans. 

10. For 72-hour kits use things you already have around the house or can purchase at second-hand stores. Old school backpacks, hand-me-down clothes, band-aids, canned foods, bottled water. 

11. Check your priorities. When calamities hit will you be glad you spent your money on __________(fill in the blank) or followed the prophets to store up food, water, a financial reserve, clothing, and other necessities of life? 

12. Take on an extra part-time job to help pay for food storage. 

13. Buy more of your food storage as staple foods rather than prepackaged foods. 

14. The sacred jar principle. 

The sacred jar principle 

“The Lord will make it possible, if we make a firm commitment, for every Latter-day Saint family to have a year’s supply of food reserves by [a year from now]. All we have to do is to decide, commit to do it, and then keep the commitment. Miracles will take place; the way will be opened, and [a year from now] we will have our storage areas filled. We will prove through our actions our willingness to follow our beloved prophet and the Brethren, which will bring security to us and our families. ... The great God of heaven will open doors and means in a way we never would have supposed to help all those who truly want to get their year’s supply. I know we will have time and money if we will commit and keep the commitment."  (Vaughn J. Featherstone, “Food Storage,” Conference Report, April 1976.) 

Now here is what you do with the jar. 

Do you believe the previous quote? Do you believe if you go and do what God has commanded He will make a way for you to achieve it? (See 1 Nephi 3:7.)  If you do, then take an empty jar. Label it with some words that are meaningful to you, like "decide, commit, act."  

Then prayerfully decide as a couple or family how much money you will set aside each paycheck for food storage. Pay tithing first and the food storage jar second. Treat them both sacredly, because they are both money being prioritized to obeying the Lord. This is a matter of faith and obedience. And then get on your knees and ask the Lord to stretch those dollars. Ask Him to guide you each time what food storage or preparedness items you should buy. You will see miracles. I am sure of that. In fact, I invite you to record the miracles you see with your sacred food storage jar. 

(This idea is from my dear friend Susan Baird.) 

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