Saturday, March 14, 2015

Create a Simple Meal Plan to Build and Rotate your Food Storage

I learned and adapted this idea from Wendy Dewitt's seminar video years ago.  
Here is the rough draft of my food storage meal plan. I'm still tweaking it and some of my recipes.  

Here is the rough draft of my food storage recipes. Check back later for updated versions. 

I found a super cool food storage spreadsheet on I share it with permission.

I love how you can type in your meals and ingredients needed, and then and it automatically calculates the amount of each ingredient you need!  The spreadsheet is set up to calculate three months of meals, but if you're like me and want a year meal plan, you can either use a calculator or tweak the formula in the chart to equal twelve months. I recommend you watch the two short tutorial videos on the site. They make it super easy to use the charts. 

Check out tip number 5 to see my adaptation of this great spreadsheet to include an inventory of all things preparedness: food, prep and camping gear, 72 hour kits, books and binders, non-foods, first aid, clothes, skills and to-do items. 


Anonymous said...

Could I please get your pumpkin muffin recipe? Thank you!

Becky Edwards said...

Sure, here is the pumpkin chocolate chip recipe. It's in this post. I hope you love them as much as we do!

Becky Edwards said...

I just remembered I made a post specifically about this recipe! Here it is.