Saturday, March 14, 2015

A master preparedness inventory and wish list

     Below is my master preparedness inventory/wish list, meal plan, and food storage recipes. 

     Click here for your own copy of my master preparedness inventory and wish list. It has these nine charts: 
1. Food & meal plan
2. Non-foods
3. Prep gear
4. 72-hour kits & car kits
5. First aid & natural healing
6. Clothes
7. Books & binders
8. To do list & skills to learn

       9. Shopping list

My adapted chart has lots of ideas to get you started. It can be adapted to your own needs. Please don't get overwhelmed by the detail in it. If you're still just working on food, feel free to stick to just the food chart. If you're looking for ideas for how to cook, heat, and light without power, check out the preparedness gear chart. The charts can be accessed by clicking the little blue tabs at the bottom of the document. I recommend you watch the two short tutorials on which makes the chart very user friendly. 

Click here to see Becky's meal plan. 

I'm still tweaking my meal plan, but if you're looking for ideas you can find some here. 

Click here to see Becky's food storage recipes. 

I'm still tweaking my food storage recipes, but if you're looking for ideas you can find some here. 

     Here is a peek of my meal plan and food inventory. 

Here you can see a peek of my prep gear inventory and wish list. 

I have gathered preparedness ideas for years and pulled them together into one big checklist.  

Someone asked me why I would want to store more than just food storage. Here is the answer I responded with:

This is coming from several things. 

One) The idea that many natural disasters make people leave their homes, like an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, etc. So it's logical to think of possible disasters and plan accordingly. 

Two) President Monson said in his Sept Ensign First Presidency message: “Every family in the Church … have a supply of food, clothing, and, where possible, other necessities of life." Other necessities of life could include shelter, warmth, ways to cook and heat and light without power, and so on. For years President Benson taught that we should have food, clothing and fuel. Pres. Monson said the same thing, but changed the term fuel to "other necessities of life."  

Three) Many people have received personal revelation of specific events that will happen between now and the Second Coming. For those people, they have an additional witness of the reason the prophet might say to store "other necessities of life." That said, I would HIGHLY recommend prioritizing food and water and a little financial reserve! That is the current counsel in the pamphlet "All is Safely Gathered In: Food Storage." I would be prayerful to be guided to what God would have you prioritize in your own preparations. Follow the prophets and follow the Spirit as you prepare.


Melinda said...

Thanks for sharing these! Awesome!!! I'll definitely be printing these. Wish I could have made the convention today.

Linda said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I downloaded your master list, and got a blank shopping list instead. I look forward to being able to access your master list instead. You are a blessing to many. Thanks!

Becky Edwards said...

It sounds like you got the correct spread sheet. The spread sheet has nine different pages on it, and you happened to see the last page. Open it again and see if you can click on the tabs at the bottom that are numbered 1-9 with different titles on each page. Let me know if you still can't open it and I'll see what I can do!

Mommy Lou said...

Hey Becky- what exactly do you do with the books and binders? Do you just list what you have is all?

Becky Edwards said...

Mommy Lou,
Binders and books. Good question.
The binders I am referring to are things like this:
- A binder of important family documents
- A binder of preparedness articles and handouts, organized by topic
- A binder of my favorite inspiring talks and articles that I could gain strength from in a time of crisis

Books are the books I would like to have with me if I needed to evacuate, and if it turned into a long-term situation, if I needed to homeschool my kids away from home. I hope that makes sense.