Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our family's 24-hour preparedness drill!

My twin sons had a school assignment to do a family emergency drill. 

I felt intimidated but I'm glad we did it!  We pretended there was a disaster that made the power and water go off (other than the toilet) for 24 hours. This happened a year ago, which explains why my missionary son is in the first picture, and why my hair was long. 

Click here to see a family home evening we had this week on earthquake preparedness. 

We love our British Berkey water filter. We used water we had stored in soda bottles in the basement, and filtered out the stale flavor. (I'm not good at rotating water.)

My twin boys were turning twelve years old. What boy that age doesn't love the excuse to light matches?  And head lamp flashlights make seeing stuff in the dark nice and easy. 

Our British Berkey water filter. 

To remind ourselves not to turn on the lights, we posted a few signs. 

Choosing some MRE's from the basement for breakfast. 

Cooking MRE's outside with those cool self-cook packages. 

MRE's taste okay. 

Fake broken arm in a make-shift swing. 

Fake injury on upper arm. Being treated for shock. 

We bought a fire escape ladder years ago and store it under an upstairs bed, but we had never practiced using it until now. 

Here we go! Mike helped the kids get safely over the edge onto the rope ladder. 
It gave me a sense of security after we all practiced a couple times climbing down the ladder. We could do this if the need ever came up. 

The fire hydrant next door is our family's emergency meeting place. We practiced meeting there.

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